Why You Should Cook For Her

The easy go-to date idea is to take her out to a really nice dinner, which can do a lot more than break your wallet – it could end up breaking her interest, too. This goes against everything you’ve been taught, but believe it or not a lot of women start to feel uncomfortable if they get taken out all the time. Most of them don’t want to spend all your money, and it also leads to them feeling obligated to put out, which is an uncomfortable feeling. Save her from feeling awkward and from having another boring date by cooking at home for her instead. Caring For one thing, she’ll be blown away by what a sweet, caring guy you are. Ladies can’t resist a sensitive man, and that’s exactly what you’ll seem like when you cook for her. It also shows her that you’re willing to take care of her instead of just leaving her to dote on you. The days of women serving men all the time are over, and you need to step up and show her that you view her as your equal and not below you. Cooking for her also shows an aptitude for household activities, which is always desirable for every woman, especially…

Why She Snubs Other Men and How You Can Avoid Being One of Them

Getting into the dating scene can be difficult, especially if you have been out of it for a while. One of the most nerve wracking aspects of dating is the idea of being rejected. It happens to every guy now and then, but it never gets any less unpleasant. Avoiding rejection is probably one of the main goals you have when seeking women to go out with, and there are some things you should keep in mind to avoid it as best as possible. It may sometimes seem arbitrary why women brush certain men off, but there is a method to the madness. You’re Being Too Forward If you are picking women up at bars or clubs or other crowded party areas, it’s highly likely that the woman you are trying to approach has also been approached by plenty of other men during the night. Some of the other guys may have gotten grabby with her or fed her overly blatant innuendos or pick-up lines in an attempt to get her attention. If you approach a woman and greet her with a sexually loaded compliment or a cheesy pick up line, chances are high that she is going to wind up snubbing you. She might not turn you away immediately,…

Three Unique Positions She’ll Love

The key to keeping a woman coming back again and again is to give her sex she’s never even dreamed of. Okay, so you’re not the creative type. It’s okay, we’ve got your back. There are plenty of crazy positions to try out with your girlfriend that will have her in a daze and begging for more, and these are three of our personal favorites. The Bouncy Ball So, you know that fitness ball that your girlfriend uses for yoga or whatever? Well, there’s finally a good use for that ball. The position itself is just the basic cowgirl, but the ball gives it a twist that will have her writhing in your arms. Whereas you would normally just be sitting stationary while you two get it on, the ball allows you to bounce with her on your lap, and that means more powerful thrusts. It also allows you to change up your angle more without her weight pushing down on you too much, so it’s great for hitting her G-spot again and again while you go at her. The only thing to worry about here is balance, because it’s easy to accidentally fall over if you get going too hard. You also have to be sure to keep a…

Three Things She’ll Love in the Bedroom but Won’t Expect

Looking to spice up your sex life? Try these three tips for unforgettable nights. She doesn’t even know that she wants you to do these three things. You’ll blow away a long time girlfriend, or have a fling running back for more after she gets a taste. Spontaneous Role play Situations Women love to engage their imaginations during sex. It’s natural, and it’s as much the way they’re built as men getting turned on by what they see is. So picky a naughty fantasy, and when things heat up in the bedroom just slip into it. No props needed, and she doesn’t need to follow the script. It could be something as simple as “Have you been a bad, bad girl?” or more complex. If she’s talked about fantasies before, slip into her favorite. She won’t expect it without any build up, but she’s going to love it. Once the two of you are in character, give her lots of opportunities to ask for things. Ask her what she thinks her punishment should be, for example. You’d be surprised how quickly things can get kinky if she has the cover of “just pretending” that she’s into things. Role playing is where the intricacies of her sex life really get interesting.…

Perks to Having a Stay-Home Date

You’d be surprised at how few women actually enjoy going out for a big, expensive date every time you go out. I mean, every once in a while it’s all fine and dandy, but if it’s every time then it just gets old. The best part about this is that you can have a date that’s next to free and still impress her and keep your relationship strong. How can you do that? Well, the answer is simple: you plan a stay-home date. That’s right – not only do you get to have a cheap date, but you also get to do it without ever leaving the house. In case you aren’t convinced, here are a few more perks. Pick Your Budget As we said above, you can have this date for next to nothing, which is great when you’re on a budget. Instead of going out for that expensive dinner and a movie, treat her to a nice movie and dinner in the comfort of your home. If you don’t want to splurge on snacks and food and god knows what else, then it’s all up to you. It’s not like she’s expecting much out of a night hanging out at your place, so don’t overwhelm her by making…


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