Why You Should Keep Your Home Well-Stocked With Toys

You may have never considered buying sex toys that you have no personal interest in using, like vibrators, dildos, or nipple clamps, but you might want to give it due consideration when you start inviting more and more women to your house to have one-night stands or short flings with. You may not wind up using any of them if you only have a woman back to your place for one night, but if you have a more dedicated woman you have sex with frequently, it could be a good idea to have certain toys on hand. You need to remember to use condoms if you use a toy that’s going to go anywhere near the inside of her body, and clean them afterwards so things stay sterile. Even though it might be a little bit of a hassle to keep things in order, it can offer some serious benefits to your sex life. It Allows You to Get Kinky Toys are probably not a typical part of your normal sex life, which is why having some things on hand in your bedroom can make things much more exciting. It can be something as simple as a small vibrator to help your woman get off, or it could be something…

Why Watching a Boring Movie May Be Your Ticket to a Hookup

Whether you go out to a movie with your date or you have a night at home, choosing a movie that is slightly boring might be the perfect way to get things moving towards the bedroom. Nobody wants to watch a boring movie on purpose, but it may very well be worth it for you to give it a shot. There are several reasons why this might work, but firstly you should make sure that it’s not too obvious that you are trying to pick a movie that’s going to bore the both of you. You should also stay away from movies that are tearjerkers, because even if it’s boring nothing can ruin the mood like a girl crying. It’s A Good Opportunity For Making Out If the both of you are in engrossed in a movie, you’re not going to have much time to think about getting physical. You would both be too busy watching the movie to want to interrupt it with kissing, but if the movie is boring, you have a good excuse to lean over and give her a kiss. Once she realizes that she is bored with the movie as well, chances are that you can get a good make out session started. It does…

Four Annoying Conversation Habits That Are Killing Your Chances

Nerves get the best of everyone. Sometimes something just sounded better in your head, and then you put your foot in your mouth. It happens. But when it’s happening al the time, you have a toxic habit. If you want to get these ladies you need a silver tongue. If you’re laying down these bad habits, you’ll be lucky if the date lasts long enough for you to kiss her goodnight. Don’t be a Story Topper Does her story remind you of something totally hilarious and very similar that happened to you? Keep it to yourself. Even if it’s hilarious. Especially if it’s a better story than the one that she just told. Women like to talk, and they like to tell stories. And everyone hates having their story dwarfed by someone else’s immediately. To just bookmark that story to tell at a different time, and let the conversation go on. Being a story topper leads to resentment far out of proportion to the crime you’re actually committing. Don’t steal the thunder. The Crime of “um….” Nothing sounds tackier than stopping frequently to add “um” to a conversation. It sounds like you can’t even think to the end of a sentence. This is particularly unfair because almost everyone does it.…

Convincing Her to Give You Road Head

For those of you who have never fantasized about sex while driving, road head is having your lady give you a blowie while you’re at the wheel. It’s as simple as that. But in all of its simplicity it’s equally as complicated. Most women won’t want to even try this because it’s like, illegal or whatever. Getting caught by the cops makes it more dangerous, which to most would make it sexier. That’s why chicks love having sex in risqu


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