How to Make Your Date Last Longer

When you start meeting and dating women regularly, you might find a woman that you want to spend more time with than usual. Maybe you have a strong connection with a woman and you want to spend as much time with her as possible, or maybe your schedule is just tight and you don’t want to have to try and schedule another date without milking the first for all it’s worth. Whatever the case is, there are certain things you can try to do in order to make your dates last longer so you can spend as much time as possible with your date. Plan Things Out Thoroughly If you plan your date thoroughly, you can include as many things as you want. If you only plan for a movie but you wind up wanting the date to last longer, you have to try and come up with an idea on the spot, and your date might turn you down. However if you take the time to come up with a small list of things to do, your date will likely be willing to go along with it and go to different locations with you on your date. You don’t need to demand that you visit all of the places…

How Soon is Too Soon to Ask to Go Home With Her?

When you’re on a first date with a sexy woman there’s only one thing on your mind. There’s a lot of good advice on making your move early in the night. You know she’s not just agreeing because she’s drunk, and it takes the pressure off the rest of the evening. But even if you know that you want to go home with her the second you lay eyes on her, how soon is too soon to actually ask her? Too Soon Don’t ask before the halfway point of your date. Whether you’re seeing a show and grabbing dinner after or you’d prefer lunch and then a matinee you still have a lot of time for things to go wrong. Asking for a second date before you’re even done with the first is a little presumptuous. Asking to go home with her before you’ve even eaten a meal or done an activity together is too far to even consider. Even if she really wanted to, she’ll be bound by society to say no. After all, she doesn’t want to be labeled “easy”. Keep your excitement to yourself until you’ve entered the second half of the date, at least. Too Late If might sound like a good time waiting to happen,…

Getting Over a Bad First Date

First dates are not fun for anyone unless they go inhumanly well. It’s almost a law of nature that they have to be awkward at first. If you let this awkwardness get to you, well then, it’s probably not going to bode well for a second date. But let’s say that she saw something in you and she actually accepted your proposal for a second date. You lucky dog. Now you can make up for the mistakes in the first date and try to win her over. You Gave It Your Everything If you gave it your all or nothing the first go round you may have just freaked her out a little bit. Telling her how beautiful she is and shelling out your life story isn’t the way to get her to like you. Neither is trying too hard to get her number or to set up a second date while you’re still in the first. It’s just going to make you look like a needy loser. What to Do Instead Keep it cool and casual. Now that you’ve got a second chance you can take the conversation back to earth and be as charming as you possibly can. Avoid gushing. That’s when you go the opposite of trying…


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