Why Your Jokes Are Driving Her Away Instead of Reeling Her In

When trying to pick up women, humor can be one of your greatest tools to reel her in and make her interested in you. She’s most likely used to being approached by dozen of men who are too full of themselves to crack a joke or make fun of themselves when appropriate. However, humor can just as easily backfire on you and turn what would have been a successful hookup into a disaster. You might be confused as to why your jokes are driving her away from you instead of bringing her closer to you, but there are a few possible reasons as to why. The Jokes Are Offensive This is usually pretty obvious, but sometimes you let a joke slip that’s slightly off-color or just outright offensive. There’s no accounting for taste, of course, but you might want to keep the more offensive jokes off the table when trying to pick up women. You should try and use your common sense to decide if she’s going to find your jokes funny or offensive, but just to be safe you should probably stay away from any jokes about women in general. The last thing you want is for her to call you sexist, because that pretty much signals the end…

Why Watching a Boring Movie May Be Your Ticket to a Hookup

Whether you go out to a movie with your date or you have a night at home, choosing a movie that is slightly boring might be the perfect way to get things moving towards the bedroom. Nobody wants to watch a boring movie on purpose, but it may very well be worth it for you to give it a shot. There are several reasons why this might work, but firstly you should make sure that it’s not too obvious that you are trying to pick a movie that’s going to bore the both of you. You should also stay away from movies that are tearjerkers, because even if it’s boring nothing can ruin the mood like a girl crying. It’s A Good Opportunity For Making Out If the both of you are in engrossed in a movie, you’re not going to have much time to think about getting physical. You would both be too busy watching the movie to want to interrupt it with kissing, but if the movie is boring, you have a good excuse to lean over and give her a kiss. Once she realizes that she is bored with the movie as well, chances are that you can get a good make out session started. It does…

Make the Most of the Motel for Hookups

If you meet women online, you might wind up meeting up with them in a motel or hotel room so that you can hook up. This is usually done so that the two of you can meet halfway and not invade each other’s private spaces and homes, and it can be good for people who need to be discreet as well. Motel and hotel rooms are always fairly standard, and if you just check in and out when you’re done it can wind up feeling a bit cheap and seedy. To avoid that feeling, there are some small things you can do to take your room above and beyond the call of duty and make the experience a memorable one. Try to Get a Room with a View This might not be feasible if you’re only getting a room in a low quality motel, but if you have any option at all, you should always try to get one of the rooms with a good view. This is especially true if you’re getting a room in a nicer or higher-end hotel. You don’t want to spend the money on a room if it’s going to be one with a view of another building. This might not be paramount, but it…

Getting Away from Boring Dates

In a dream world we would never have boring dates. All of our women would be interesting and sexy and cater to our every need. But that’s not even close to what we live in. Are you one of those guys who is a serial boring dater? It’s not always your fault, but there are definitely some things that you can do to spice things up on your end. Make the Plans A dinner and movie is the classic date combo, but why stick with classic when it’s also so boring? Dinner is all fine and dandy, but as soon as the food comes by you start eating and there’s really little talking. Or one of you asks the other a question and they have food in their mouth. Then there’s the waiting while they try to chew really fast. It’s all awkward. As soon as dinner is done it’s pretty much a signal that the date is done. Don’t leave the plans up to fate. Take a stand and demand that something is changed. When she asks you what you’d like to do, suggest something fun or new. She’ll be taken aback and excited. It’s All About Location Exciting dates require exciting locations. Take a look at what’s going…


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