Three Fun First Date Locations (That Are Guaranteed to Get You a Second)

Obviously when you have a first date with a beautiful woman you want to make it a good one. First impressions are everything, and if you blow the first date it’s not likely that you’ll get a second. Save yourself the trauma of not getting a call back by taking her to any of these three amazing (and affordable) date locations that are guaranteed to have her dying to go out with you again. You’d be surprised at how many women are actually put off by men spending too much on a first date, so go for one of these instead to keep it fun and informal. The Arcade Can you say “hello childhood?” There’s nothing more fun for a first date than reliving things that were fun when you were younger and enjoying them in an adult context. Show off your skills on the old machines or go head-to-head against her. Having a bit of fun competition will rile her up and help her have more fun, and it saves you the awkwardness of having to worry about conversation the whole time. It’s also a great way to pass a lot of time without spending much money, and maybe even win her a souvenir or two at the same…

Making the Most out of a First Date: How Far You Can Go

First dates can be stressful for many reasons. You have to decide what to wear, what to say, where to go, and what to do. There are countless ways first dates can go wrong, so you’re probably feeling high-strung about the whole thing. On top of that, there’s also the question of how far you can take things on the first date. You don’t know if you should kiss her at the end of the night or not, and that’s without even wondering if she’ll sleep with you on the first date. Of course, this is different for every woman that you date, but if you play your cards right you should be able to gauge how far you can go. Gauge Her Interest With Subtle Touches This is a good way of telling how interested a woman is if you’re particularly good at reading body language, and it can also tell you how open she is to physical closeness on the first date. Try stroking her hand with your fingers and seeing how she reacts. Naturally if she pulls her hand away, you should back off and resign yourself to an uneventful date. If she doesn’t pull her hand away and her body language seems open, then she’s definitely…

Finding and Picking up Kinky Women

Vanilla sex is all well and good, but chances are that if you are out looking to hook up with women, you want excitement in your sex life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the missionary position on a bed if you’re just having a one-night stand, but certainly you want some more variety than that. The best way to get variety is to find a kinky woman who likes to get creative in bed, and hooking up with her. She may even wind up surprising you with what she’s into, because believe it or not, women can be just as kinky and horny as men. Finding kinky women to hook up with may even be easier than you thought. Look For Dangerous-Looking Women Every now and then when you’re bar-hopping, you’ve probably run into a woman who looked like sex on heels. Dangerously high heels, tiny black dress, and more mascara than you can shake a stick at. The more dangerous a woman looks, the more likely she is to be into some freaky things in bed. You can safely ignore the shy girls wearing jeans, because even though they might be kinky too, they’re probably not as open about it and it may be much harder to get them…


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