Making the Best Use of Furniture During Sex

You might have never really experimented with using different types of furniture during sex, but if you are looking to start hooking up with more women it’s something you should definitely consider looking into. If you’ve only ever had sex on a bed, now is your time to branch out and try new things. You may have to experiment with the woman you’re hooking up with to get things just right, but the end result will be worth it for sure. If your place doesn’t have much in the way of furniture, try going to her place for the most variety possible. You may be surprised by what winds up being your new favorite sex location, and at the very least it will allow you to get some more use out of furniture you might not use all that often. The Kitchen Isn’t Just For Cooking Anymore Sex in the kitchen can be a little kinky and it can be highly rewarding, too. You may have never tried having sex in the kitchen before, so you should scope out the location before you bring your girl in. Check out the heights of the counters and tables and see if any of them will be suitable for sex. If they are,…

How to Tell What She Wants to Hear

Following her cues when you’re on a date can be tricky. You want to say the right thing, and no matter what she says there is definitely a right thing. If you know how to read her body language and cues, you’ll be able to tell her exactly what she wants to hear when she wants to hear it. Boost your chances of going home with her tonight by looking for these tells. She Keeps Tugging at Her Dress She wants you to notice that she’s got a great figure. Check and check. But besides that, it’s a not very subtle tell that she put this outfit on specially and she’d like it if you’d notice it. Compliment her fashion sense. You can do this with your eyes, so long as you don’t stare. If she catches you looking after she rearranges her dress for the third time, she’ll know that you’re paying attention. A verbal compliment is just the icing on the cake, but it should be included. Don’t know what to say? “You look really put together tonight.” What does it mean? Who knows? But women love to hear it, so include it at every opportunity. She’s Refreshed Her Makeup Twice Already If she keeps updating her makeup,…

Four Annoying Conversation Habits That Are Killing Your Chances

Nerves get the best of everyone. Sometimes something just sounded better in your head, and then you put your foot in your mouth. It happens. But when it’s happening al the time, you have a toxic habit. If you want to get these ladies you need a silver tongue. If you’re laying down these bad habits, you’ll be lucky if the date lasts long enough for you to kiss her goodnight. Don’t be a Story Topper Does her story remind you of something totally hilarious and very similar that happened to you? Keep it to yourself. Even if it’s hilarious. Especially if it’s a better story than the one that she just told. Women like to talk, and they like to tell stories. And everyone hates having their story dwarfed by someone else’s immediately. To just bookmark that story to tell at a different time, and let the conversation go on. Being a story topper leads to resentment far out of proportion to the crime you’re actually committing. Don’t steal the thunder. The Crime of “um….” Nothing sounds tackier than stopping frequently to add “um” to a conversation. It sounds like you can’t even think to the end of a sentence. This is particularly unfair because almost everyone does it.…


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