Three Things She’ll Love in the Bedroom but Won’t Expect

Looking to spice up your sex life? Try these three tips for unforgettable nights. She doesn’t even know that she wants you to do these three things. You’ll blow away a long time girlfriend, or have a fling running back for more after she gets a taste. Spontaneous Role play Situations Women love to engage their imaginations during sex. It’s natural, and it’s as much the way they’re built as men getting turned on by what they see is. So picky a naughty fantasy, and when things heat up in the bedroom just slip into it. No props needed, and she doesn’t need to follow the script. It could be something as simple as “Have you been a bad, bad girl?” or more complex. If she’s talked about fantasies before, slip into her favorite. She won’t expect it without any build up, but she’s going to love it. Once the two of you are in character, give her lots of opportunities to ask for things. Ask her what she thinks her punishment should be, for example. You’d be surprised how quickly things can get kinky if she has the cover of “just pretending” that she’s into things. Role playing is where the intricacies of her sex life really get interesting.…

Safe Ways to “Play” at the Dinner Table

You’ve seen it in the movies before. Couples waiting at the dinner table at a restaurant get bored or turned on and start messing around. He’s fondling her, she’s giving him a handjob, and everyone is happy. How can you make that happen in real life? It’s not going to be easy, but it can be done. Talk it Out Springing your hand under her skirt while waiting for your soup might seem like it would play out really sexily in your head, but most likely she won’t really dig a random extreme display of affection. Instead try to talk to her before you go out. Knowing that you have a fantasy of dinner table play might make her more open to try new things. This is especially true if your sex life has been a bit more boring than normal lately. Practice Makes Perfect So the one major downside of doing sexual things in a restaurant is that it’s kind of extremely illegal. You can get thrown out or even arrested. With that in mind you’re going to want to make damn sure that you’re really good at what you’re about to do. Set up your dinner table at home and wear something that you might wear to dinner.…

Give and Take: How to Keep Her Coming Back to Your Bed

When you’re on the prowl for women to hook up with and hopefully have sex with, you might want to keep things a little lengthier than a one-night stand. If that’s what you want, then you have to know how to make the woman you are seeing want to keep coming back to your bed instead of moving on to other men. It might not always be easy to keep a woman interested in a short term sexual fling instead of a romantic relationship, but if you make sure to focus on her and keep her pleasured, you should be able to keep her in your bed for a while. Know What She Likes You might have realized by now that, as a man, it is generally fairly difficult for you to have a bad sexual experience because you’re usually going to be satisfied at the end of it – the exception being a few awkward encounters here and there that you would probably rather forget. For women, it is usually quite different even if they pretend otherwise most of the time. It can be extremely difficult for some women to get off, and sometimes she may go along with positions or acts that she doesn’t really enjoy just so…


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