Why Your Jokes Are Driving Her Away Instead of Reeling Her In

When trying to pick up women, humor can be one of your greatest tools to reel her in and make her interested in you. She’s most likely used to being approached by dozen of men who are too full of themselves to crack a joke or make fun of themselves when appropriate. However, humor can just as easily backfire on you and turn what would have been a successful hookup into a disaster. You might be confused as to why your jokes are driving her away from you instead of bringing her closer to you, but there are a few possible reasons as to why. The Jokes Are Offensive This is usually pretty obvious, but sometimes you let a joke slip that’s slightly off-color or just outright offensive. There’s no accounting for taste, of course, but you might want to keep the more offensive jokes off the table when trying to pick up women. You should try and use your common sense to decide if she’s going to find your jokes funny or offensive, but just to be safe you should probably stay away from any jokes about women in general. The last thing you want is for her to call you sexist, because that pretty much signals the end…

Three Unique Positions She’ll Love

The key to keeping a woman coming back again and again is to give her sex she’s never even dreamed of. Okay, so you’re not the creative type. It’s okay, we’ve got your back. There are plenty of crazy positions to try out with your girlfriend that will have her in a daze and begging for more, and these are three of our personal favorites. The Bouncy Ball So, you know that fitness ball that your girlfriend uses for yoga or whatever? Well, there’s finally a good use for that ball. The position itself is just the basic cowgirl, but the ball gives it a twist that will have her writhing in your arms. Whereas you would normally just be sitting stationary while you two get it on, the ball allows you to bounce with her on your lap, and that means more powerful thrusts. It also allows you to change up your angle more without her weight pushing down on you too much, so it’s great for hitting her G-spot again and again while you go at her. The only thing to worry about here is balance, because it’s easy to accidentally fall over if you get going too hard. You also have to be sure to keep a…

Negging: the Backhanded Compliment

Negging is the term given when you act like you’re being nice, but actually aren’t. “You look really hot today,” with an emphasis on “today.” It’s both a nice and a not thing to say, and it throws women off balance while snagging their attention. Used properly, negging can get even the haughtiest woman at the bar to go home with you on a first date. Dropping Her Confidence to Drop Her Guard Women are at their best when they have confidence, just like anyone. However, their outer confidence is easily shaken with a few “harmless” remarks. Just pick out a distinguishing thing about her and make a comment about it. For example, if she has a rural accent, just say that it’s weird to hear such educated conversation paired with that accent. She’ll get flustered, but what you said was actually very nice. She’ll just have to keep looking over her shoulder, mentally reviewing everything she said or did. This actually makes you look better in the long run. When she’s thinking about that she’s spending more time judging herself and less time judging you. That’s all for the good. While she’s distracted, you can follow up your neg with several genuine compliments and totally dazzle her. You look…


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