Why She May Need You to Teach Her How to Orgasm and How to Do It

When you start hooking up with women and having casual sex on a regular basis, one thing that can really keep women coming back to you is making sure that they actually orgasm. Most men are baffled by the idea that women can’t orgasm as easily as they can, but it is true and if you can learn how to satisfy women in bed, they will keep coming back to you instead of bothering with other men who are likely to be less capable in bed. However, you may be surprised to learn that the women you’re hooking up with doesn’t even know how to orgasm. This is because how to masturbate is not immediately obvious to women like it is to men, seeing as it’s fairly obvious what to do with an erection, and women don’t have that luxury. If you can teach the woman you’re hooking up with how to orgasm, you can be assured she will keep returning to you for more fun. Teach Her to Know What She Likes The goal here is to make sure that the woman you’re sleeping with knows how to achieve orgasm on her own when she needs to. Don’t worry, this won’t make you obsolete, but it will teach her…

Three Fun First Date Locations (That Are Guaranteed to Get You a Second)

Obviously when you have a first date with a beautiful woman you want to make it a good one. First impressions are everything, and if you blow the first date it’s not likely that you’ll get a second. Save yourself the trauma of not getting a call back by taking her to any of these three amazing (and affordable) date locations that are guaranteed to have her dying to go out with you again. You’d be surprised at how many women are actually put off by men spending too much on a first date, so go for one of these instead to keep it fun and informal. The Arcade Can you say “hello childhood?” There’s nothing more fun for a first date than reliving things that were fun when you were younger and enjoying them in an adult context. Show off your skills on the old machines or go head-to-head against her. Having a bit of fun competition will rile her up and help her have more fun, and it saves you the awkwardness of having to worry about conversation the whole time. It’s also a great way to pass a lot of time without spending much money, and maybe even win her a souvenir or two at the same…

The Best Way to Fool Around Outside on a Cold Day

Fooling around with your lady in public can be one of the more awesome things in life. The danger of it all makes it better somehow. Most of the time if you’re caught getting hand jobs in public you’ll be kicked out of wherever you are and a really serious warning. At the worst you’re going to get kicked out of wherever you are and into a jail cell. But when the weather gets a little bit colder then you actually will have more options. The best ways to fool around outside get a lot easier to find. Grab a Blanket It’s not uncommon for people to bring blankets with them when the weather drops. Scenery is just as pretty, but being there for a long time is just not smart when you’re only in a coat. Having a blanket on top of you while snuggling will make it look more romantic, too. Sit on a bench and have one of you prop the blanket up a little bit so that there’s room between your lap and the actual blanket. That way you won’t see a little bobbing motion going from the outside. Go on a Hike To take some of the fear of getting caught out of the play,…

How to Make Your Date Last Longer

When you start meeting and dating women regularly, you might find a woman that you want to spend more time with than usual. Maybe you have a strong connection with a woman and you want to spend as much time with her as possible, or maybe your schedule is just tight and you don’t want to have to try and schedule another date without milking the first for all it’s worth. Whatever the case is, there are certain things you can try to do in order to make your dates last longer so you can spend as much time as possible with your date. Plan Things Out Thoroughly If you plan your date thoroughly, you can include as many things as you want. If you only plan for a movie but you wind up wanting the date to last longer, you have to try and come up with an idea on the spot, and your date might turn you down. However if you take the time to come up with a small list of things to do, your date will likely be willing to go along with it and go to different locations with you on your date. You don’t need to demand that you visit all of the places…

Getting Away from Boring Dates

In a dream world we would never have boring dates. All of our women would be interesting and sexy and cater to our every need. But that’s not even close to what we live in. Are you one of those guys who is a serial boring dater? It’s not always your fault, but there are definitely some things that you can do to spice things up on your end. Make the Plans A dinner and movie is the classic date combo, but why stick with classic when it’s also so boring? Dinner is all fine and dandy, but as soon as the food comes by you start eating and there’s really little talking. Or one of you asks the other a question and they have food in their mouth. Then there’s the waiting while they try to chew really fast. It’s all awkward. As soon as dinner is done it’s pretty much a signal that the date is done. Don’t leave the plans up to fate. Take a stand and demand that something is changed. When she asks you what you’d like to do, suggest something fun or new. She’ll be taken aback and excited. It’s All About Location Exciting dates require exciting locations. Take a look at what’s going…


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