Juggling Tips: How to Manage Multiple Women

A lot of guys seem to think that they only need to stick to one woman on dating sites. That really isn’t the case, especially if you’re using legit online adult dating sites and have done your research. There are a ton of ladies out there that are just waiting to go out with you, and honestly, there’s no reason not to maximize the number of dates that you’re having.

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You just have to be organized.

When it comes to dating multiple women, you can’t beat around the bush on free adult dating sites. They’re just going to be a waste of your time, and you’re really not going to find the kind of women that you want.

On top of this, it’s very important that you actually keep a record of the ladies that you’re dating. By doing this, you’ll be able to contact the ones that you really have enjoyed being with.

Being organized is also going to make it that much easier for you to keep track of who you’re with and you’ve been with. This is where your little black book should come in, and why you should always jot down notes about the women you’ve been with the night after.


You don’t have to tell her you’re seeing other people.

The thing about dating multiple ladies is that you don’t have to tell her about it. Even if she asks you about that, just reply with another question of “why, are you?”

It’s important that you never confess to dating multiple women at once. Even if she tries to get it out of you, just tell her that you didn’t think the two of you were serious, and that it’s all about the hookups and fun.

This will make it that much easier to have casual relationships on a regular basis. It can be all about the sex and fun, and way less about the relationship drama that you’re trying to avoid.

Keep your dates straight.

It’s all about remembering the right names and the right places. If you end up setting a date with Megan, then don’t show up for a date with Margaret. It’s just not going to end well, and for obvious reasons.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time comparing adult dating sites by now, and that’s a good thing. That means that you’re going to know what to look for, and these women are going to know the same thing.

That means that if you mess up, then they’re just going to find someone else. Keep their names straight, or you’ll just end up missing out on a lot of good opportunities.

Nicknames usually work.

We like to give our ladies nicknames. Cute nicknames like ‘Kitten’ or ‘Bunny’ mean that we aren’t going to mix up Sarah and Brittany, and if you mix up nicknames, she’s going to notice it a lot less, and probably just end up thinking that it’s cute.

Nicknames have saved our ass more often than not, so consider listing these ladies in your black book and cellphone with the nickname rather than their actual name.

All in all, it’s just important that you have a system. If you have a system to keep these women organized and separate, you’ll be able to date multiple women without any issues. You’ll really be able to enjoy yourself without a lot of stress, and that means that you’ll be able to have more sex without worrying about them finding out that you’re seeing multiple women at once. Whatever system you decide on, put it to good use.


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