How to Prepare for Your First Sex Date

Being nervous when it comes to your first sex date is completely normal. We’ve been there, done that, and that’s why we’re going to give you a ton of advice to make you that much more comfortable when it comes to finding the best adult dating sites and finding a woman that you’ll love hooking up with.

Try to relax beforehand.

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Take a hot shower while you’re at it. That’ll take the edge off, and it’s simple, smart preparation for looking nice for your date. You never want to show up smelly or gross, so shower, shave, and generally smell good.

If you’re really strung out, it’s important that you try to really relax. Avoid caffeine or anything high in sugar, and maybe take a quick run before that shower in question. You’ll feel better, more relaxed, and be able to really enjoy your night out for the first time.

Whatever you do, don’t show up all jittery. While it’s okay to be nervous, it’s really not good to portray nothing but that. Confidence is key when it comes to meeting up with your hookup partner for the first time.

Discuss things beforehand.

You’re really going to be able to relax that much more if you’ve actually discussed what you want to do beforehand. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve spent comparing adult dating sites if you haven’t really figured out what you want to do with the woman that you’re hooking up with, so take the time to talk about kinks, fetishes, or any scenarios that the two of you want to play up.

This will also make it that much easier for you to have a kit ready. You’ll be able to have any toys, lube, and accessories that you need for the night out without needing to run to the store and grab a few more things.

If you’ve already discussed things in detail, you will be able to just jump right in, which is the best part of them all. You won’t have to waste time with small talk, and trust us, you’re not going to want to.


Pack accordingly.

Even if you’re just there to have a little bit of vanilla fun, there’s no reason not to be prepared. Condoms, of course, are always a must. Don’t just bring one or two, because you never know if one is going to break or not…and you never know how much sex you’re really going to be having.

Don’t be the idiot on a free adult dating site that just doesn’t bring what he needs to the date. You want a good reputation, so make sure that you also bring a ton of lube for both your pleasure and hers.

It’s also important that you bring a few simple things with you, like massage oil and a change of clothes. This kind of attention to detail will get you a lot further in your hookups.

Again, relax and have fun.

If you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself, you’ll really have that much greater of a time. By having everything that you need and being prepared, it’s just going to happen that much more easily.

Remember that she’s also going to be nervous, too, so be polite and try to laugh and smile. By portraying confidence and eagerness, you’ll really be able to get the both of you in the right mood.

No matter what, just have fun. It’s always a little overwhelming the first time that you go and hookup with a woman from an online dating site, but trust us, it gets easier and easier each time. You’ll really be able to enjoy yourself, and you’ll really be able to meet more women once you’re confident and comfortable.


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