Xpress.com Review: Why Xpress.com Ranked #5 For Adult Dating



Review of: xpress.com

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This site makes for some solid returns. Add it to your list and you'll be sure to get laid as much as you like.

Xpress.com is one of those sites that we just keep coming back to, and for good reason: it’s consistent, it’s fun, and it’s extremely easy to use. Any site with that kind of combination is definitely a winner, and that means that during our Xpress review, we definitely had an amazing time. It’s one of the best sites we’ve used so far, and we were thrilled to be able to sink our teeth into it.

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This site is very consistent.

While it might take a bit longer at times to find women on here, you will always be able to get a hookup. That’s because the search engine on Xpress.com is simply better, and that means that you’ll always be able to track down the exact kind of lady that you want to go out with.

With that sort of power at your fingertips, you’re simply never going to be bored. That means that it’s just going to be a lot easier for you to keep busy, and you’ll really be able to have a variety of hookups. Xpress scams are also closely monitored on this site, so that means that you aren’t going to constantly have to be looking over your shoulder–a relief, trust us.


Add to your adult dating success by doing a free trial on Xpress

Our Xpress.com Results After Three Months: Is Xpress.com a Go?

We ended up spending a total of 3 months on our Xpress review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 270 e-mails to women that we met on this site. Every e-mail was sent to real women, as we tried to avoid the few Xpress scams that we saw.

The results really reflected excellence.

Out of those 270 e-mails, we ended up with a total of 215 responses. This was really outstanding, considering our minimum is usually only a 50% return of e-mails.

From those 215 responses, we ended up with a total of 17 women that wanted to meet up with us. We were really pleased by that alone, and then a total of nine actually showed up. Ultimately, we ended up hooking up with four of them, which really was fantastic.

Xpress.com: Top 3 Emails That Got Spicy Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Korey. I couldn’t help but think that your profile picture was adorable, and from there, I really fell in love with your profile itself. Your interest in Japanese history is fascinating to me, and I’d love to hear some of your travel stories from over there.”

Email 2: “Hi, Nina. I couldn’t help but be drawn into your profile courtesy of your beautiful smile, and from there, I saw that you were really interested in competitive gymnastics. Have you ever competed at some of the higher national levels?”

Email 3: “Hi, Mary Anne. I saw that you were into ballroom dancing, and were interested in learning some other kinds of dancing as well. If you ever need another partner, I’m always available and love to learn.”

Xpress.com Features That Dress to Impress

Honestly, some of our favorite aspects of this site include the fact that it’s incredibly easy to search and find down to the nitty gritty details of kinks and fetishes. This means that you’ll really be able to hookup with someone that’s very compatible to your interests.

Compatibility is important.

We know that Xpress takes this seriously, and in general, it’s very important to help people find the exact kind of woman that they want to be with. On Xpress, that happens, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

How to Stand Out on Xpress.com: Our Secret Dating Tactics

Xpress isn’t a site that you have to be particularly gorgeous on in order to get the girl you want, but you should still make sure that you have a great profile picture. Put your best face forward without a doubt.

Your profile is always your first way of drawing girls in.

If you have a fully completed profile on this site, you’ll definitely stand out. Take the time to do it and maintain it, and it’ll be worth it.

Xpress.com Features That Didn’t Quite Make It

The only issue we really have with this site is that it sometimes is in need of maintenance. This means that there are a lot of older profiles on here, and they could stand being deleted.

Inactivity really bogs down a site, and we hope that Xpress.com takes down those old profiles soon. It will improve the usability of the site greatly, and trust us, it’s already very easy to use.

Xpress.com in the News

Sex toys should be a fun, exciting part of your hookup experience, and with sites like Xpress.com, this article can really give you a good boost: http://voices.yahoo.com/men-sex-toys-game-couples-1944820.html?cat=41

Spicing up your sex life will be easy on sites like Xpress.com, but this article can bring it to an entirely different level if you let it: http://voices.yahoo.com/sex-life-spice-ups-1719527.html?cat=41

Xpress.com Final Analysis: Our Call on Using Xpress.com For Adult Dating

Xpress.com is our number five ranked site, and it’s definitely one of our favorites. It consistently performs to help us meet women, and that means that it’s definitely a site that we think you should try out at least once.

It works especially well in conjunction with other sites, so check it out in conjunction with FuckBookNet.net for an amazing experience that will always keep you busy.

35 Responses to “Xpress.com Review: Why Xpress.com Ranked #5 For Adult Dating”

  1. Dalteco

    I was asked by a friend to review Xpress.com, but after using it for a bit I decided to just make a membership of my own so I can get laid just like him!

  2. Jamal

    This site is great in comparison to all those crappy spam sites out there these days. I just love how user-friendly it is because I am not tech-savvy at all.

  3. Cute Doe

    Scam sites are nothing compared to this one! It’s easy to tell which ones are fake, and I can assure you that this one is the real deal and will definitely get you laid.

  4. Arden

    This site is really nice so far, and I’m pretty sure it’s legit. I don’t want to join without doing all my research first, but I’m almost positive I’ll end up joining.

  5. Young Puppy

    Xpress.com is so good for hooking up with women on the down-low. You know, it’d kind of rain on my parade if my wife found out that I was sleeping around.

  6. Invader Strawberry

    I wouldn’t just test out Xpress.com in my life! As soon as I went on the website I knew that I had to join as soon as possible! I’ve been having a really great time on here.

  7. Sergio

    Rating systems wouldn’t do this site justice. It deserves a much higher review than anything I could ever give it on any normal website! I’ll just have to talk it up.

  8. Sunny Otter

    Any review that you see from 2013 says that this site is a scam, but come on. Have they ever even BEEN on this site? If they had, they’d know it was legit.

  9. Adolfo

    Dating online is so hard these days, so I’m always on the lookout for a great site to meet women on. I just hope that this site is good for dating and not just sex.

  10. Hungry Serious Titan

    Sites like this are great for hooking up fast with no strings attached. I joined Xpress.com a few months ago and have already hooked up with over ten gorgeous women!

  11. Eastern Long Tungsten

    I would love to give Xpress.com the review it deserves, so I think I’m going to dedicate a post on my blog to it so that everyone sees what a great site it really is.

  12. Shon

    Comparison sites don’t hold up at all in comparison to this one. I love how easy it is to use, and the women on here are sexy as all hell to top it all off.

  13. Dreaded Buffalo

    I had a really bad experience with a scam site a while back, so I was hesitant to join this one. Luckily for me it turned out to be legit and amazingly good.

  14. Jewel

    I know that this site is legit, so I’m going to be joining it and a few others. My mentality is that if I join a lot of sites instead of just one I’ll get much better results.

  15. Grim Birdie

    Good think I decided to give Xpress.com another shot! The first time I was on here I didn’t have any luck, but the second time around has been much better to me!

  16. Morbid White Mustard

    When my friend asked me to test out Xpress.com for him to see if it was legit, I almost turned him down. I’m glad I agreed, though, because I met my girlfriend on here!

  17. Dusty

    If I could give this site the rating it deserved, it would get a 20 out of 10, and it would deserve it! I don’t know why anyone says anything bad about this site.

  18. Tancore

    I saw a review from 2013 saying that this site was a scam, but they must not have been using the site right. It’s really easy to hook up on here.

  19. Ahmed

    I’m new to online dating, so do you guys think I could use this site to meet my future girlfriend? I don’t want to mess around on a site that’s for hooking up only.

  20. Maximum Intense Pink

    Sites like Xpress.com are perfect! I love having a smaller database of women to choose from, because it means that men don’t join and the women are all to me!

  21. RhinoRhino

    Review sites all say that this site is awesome, so I would recommend joining Xpress.com today. I love how easy it is to search for local women to hook up with!

  22. Reinaldo

    In comparison to the scam sites that are around here, this site is really fantastic. At least this one has real women instead of a ton of spam bots to talk to.

  23. Streaming Crazy Student

    I’m so done with scam sites now that I found this one. It’s legit, the women are gorgeous, and it’s so discreet that my girlfriend has no idea I’m on here.

  24. Ross

    All my friends swear up and down that this site is legit, so I have to find out for myself. I want to get laid like they do! I really hope I can meet some women quick.

  25. Hyena Strong

    Nothing looks as good to me as an inbox full of messages when I sign into Xpress.com! The women on here are chatty and really friendly, which is awesome for me.

  26. El Waterbuck

    I would definitely recommend at least at test run of Xpress.com, because you’re sure to get all the results you could ever want from this site and so much more.

  27. Eduardo

    I can’t give this site a high enough rating! It’s been so easy to use, and the women have been surprisingly friendly! It’s not like the big sites at all.

  28. Gravefan

    One review from 2013 that I saw said that this site was really good for hooking up quickly, so I joined and then I got laid within the first month.

  29. Burl

    Dating online is totally new to me, so I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I joined this site and so far I haven’t gotten any women yet, but I’m still hopeful.

  30. Dangerous Leather

    You can always count on sites like Xpress.com to hook you up with all the gorgeous local women! These ladies stay away from the big sites to get away from asshole guys.

  31. Los Weasel

    I want to review Xpress.com on my blog! I usually only talk about the big sites, but this one is going to be the exception. I’ve never seen such a great little hookup site!

  32. Steve

    Do the comparison sites really think they stand a chance against this one? I mean, it has a good reputation for a reason. This site is the best I’ve ever seen.

  33. Birdie Loose

    Don’t waste another minute of your time on those scam sites! This one is the real deal and will hook you up with real women who don’t want to steal your money.

  34. Eugenio

    I’ve been assured that this site is legit, so I’m going to be joining for sure. I think I’ll join at the end of the week so I can devote my weekend to making my profile pop!

  35. Puppy Gruesome

    I love how good Xpress.com is about fixing you up with a woman who matches you perfectly. It’s so easy to find people, too, even if you want to stay local!


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