TextDating.ca Review: Why TextDating.ca Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site



Review of: textdating.ca

Reviewed by: TextDating Source


There's not much good to say about this site. Most of the replies we got were pathetic, and the layout is just plain bad.

This is one site where we were mostly left scratching our heads. We can’t understand why anyone would find TextDating.ca to be a good site to use, because seriously, it’s incomprehensible for the most part. This poor design is why you just won’t find any real people on this site anymore, and we’re sure of that.

ALERT! Adult Dating Scam Img

This site is dead.

This site claims to have a ton of members on it, but honestly, during our TextDating review, we had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find any women at all. We’re pretty sure this is because this site is so incredibly poorly designed that you can barely make the search engine work. TextDating.ca is just one site that gave us headaches among many, but we still remember it as being very, very bad.

Our Results Using TextDating.ca For Adult Dating

We ended up spending a total of 3 months on our TextDating review, and during that time, we sent out 270 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more TextDating scams.


They probably were, anyway.

From those 270 e-mails, we only received a total of 98 replies overall. This was absolutely abysmal, considering we normally at least want a 50% return of e-mails.

From those 98 replies, only 2 women wanted to meet up with us, but none of them showed. This means we didn’t get a single hookup because of this site, which is just sad.

Why TextDating.ca Is the Bottom of the Barrel: Is TextDating.ca a Scam?

There’s no doubt in our mind that this site is full of scams, but seriously–TextDating scams just cover this site from head to toe as far as we can tell.

It’s very hard to use.

On top of this, it’s very hard to actually navigate this site. Whoever designed this layout was probably asleep while they were doing it, which means that no one’s going to stick around and bother with this mess for long.

TextDating.ca in the News

Tantric sex can be an amazing addition to the bedroom, but sites like TextDating.ca aren’t going to help you out at all in that way: http://voices.yahoo.com/health-benefits-tantric-sex-1028547.html?cat=68

Making sex last as long as possible can be amazing, but on sites like TextDating.ca, you will be lucky to even see a single real woman: http://voices.yahoo.com/tantric-techniques-prolonging-lovemaking-217535.html?cat=5

TextDating.ca Final Analysis: Should You Use TextDating.ca For Adult Dating?

TextDating.ca is one site that we’ll absolutely never recommend. It’s really not a good site, and that means that you shouldn’t waste your time on it at all.

Instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site, FuckBookNet.net. It actually will work for you to find the kinds of hookups that you really want.

25 Responses to “TextDating.ca Review: Why TextDating.ca Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site”

  1. Infant Dreaded

    I don?t know why I’m even leaving a review. I didn’t like anything about this site and I want to be done.

  2. Kasey

    There’s no comparison when you factor TextDating.ca against others. There just isn’t. I mean that in the worst way, too.

  3. The Goat

    I’m pretty sure this site is a scam. That’s the only explanation for why it looks so old and tacky.

  4. Lucius

    Does anyone know if TextDating.ca is legit? I like the idea of being able to text, but I’m not sure…

  5. Rat Screaming

    This site is not good. The women aren’t hot and everything on it looks disgustingly outdated. I’m very disappointed tbh.

  6. Ittough

    I wish someone had told me how bad this site is before I decided to test it. I could have saved time.

  7. Vito

    Rating TextDating.ca lowly is easy. I can’t get over how bad this site is. When was it last updated, come on!

  8. Lefty Mini Baron

    It’s 2013…are those flip phones they’re using on the site? Really? My review is bad…this site is ancient, I think.

  9. Arturo

    I don’t want dating to be difficult anymore. I’ve heard okay things about TextDating.ca but should I join the site?

  10. Puppy Gruesome

    I’ll forever be wishing that sites like this could actually WORK. My life would be a hell of a lot easier.

  11. Whelp Red

    My review of this site couldn’t be lower…I wanted dating, not women trying to fuck with me or something, you know?

  12. Rodger

    In comparison to oh, I don’t know, EVERY dating site I’ve ever used, TextDating.ca really is the worst out there.

  13. The Navy Gargoyle

    I feel like I’ll get caught up in a scam if I use this site. My celll phone bill will skyrocket.

  14. Cornell

    If you’re wondering if the site is legit, I think it is. You have to use it for yourself tho.

  15. The Goat

    Good grief, this is the worst site ever. I just can’t get over how bad it is. It’s almost funny.

  16. Orange Jackal

    Test it out if you don’t believe me. Then you’ll see how god-awful this site really is and you’ll believe me.

  17. Graig

    TextDating.ca gets the lowest of low ratings from me. I don’t think you could pay me to use this site again.

  18. Evil Chief

    Looking back at 2013 in review, I wish that I’d gotten laid more. This crappy site certainly didn’t help any.

  19. Mathew

    I haven’t seen dating sites like TextDating.ca before, with the whole text concept. Does it actually work though, I wonder?

  20. Stringbam

    Sites like this are the best when they work, the absolute WORST when they don’t. What a waste of time.

  21. Morbid White Mustard

    I can’t leave a good review for this site. I just can’t. It’s not possible. How could you? It sucks!

  22. Brice

    TextDating.ca is terrible in comparison to others I’ve been using recently. How can a site be this bad, for real?

  23. Unique Girl

    I feel like it’s only a matter of time until I get my identity stolen in a scam if I keep using this site.

  24. John

    I’m not sure if this TextDating.ca site is legit or not. I’m so terrible at juding these at first glance!

  25. Runny Purple Walrus

    That text to find dates thing seems cool, but then you realize it’s not as good as it seemed at first.


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