Review: Why Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site


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There's nothing saucy (or safe) about this site. The site had so many scams it was essentially unusable.

With a name like, it either has to be amazing, or it’s just going to be guaranteed to be awful. Sadly, this site is just awful. Not only is it filled with scams, but it also has a tendency to attract a lot of ads that will give your a computer a virus, which really doesn’t work for us. We don’t want to worry about that sort of thing while doing reviews–and you shouldn’t have to worry about it when you’re trying to get laid.

ALERT! Adult Dating Scam Img

This site is very unsafe. doesn’t even try to keep those kinds of things off of the site, either. It doesn’t matter how many times you report it, the administrators just don’t care. We figured this sort of thing out very quickly during our SaucyDates review, and that’s why we were already ready to throw in the towel before we were even done with it all. These kinds of SaucyDates scams make the site basically unusable, and we didn’t really want to keep sticking around and wasting our time, anyway.


Our Results Using For Adult Dating

We spent a total of 3 months on our SaucyDates review, and during that time, we sent out 270 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more SaucyDates scams.

We were probably wrong, sadly.

From those 270 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 50 responses. This wasn’t anywhere close to our minimum, and so that means that we were really aggravated by this site in general.

Not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, either, though by this point, we weren’t surprised. It just seemed typical of by the time we were done here.

Why Is the Bottom of the Barrel: Is a Scam?

We really hate sites that are covered in ads, but that’s exactly what you have to deal with on It’s obnoxious to the point of being practically unusable, too.

Those ads gave us viruses.

Fortunately, we were able to stop them from doing too much damage, but that’s not really something you’re going to want to deal with when you’re trying to get laid. in the News

Knowing all about dildos can get you a long way on most sites, though on, it probably won’t change much:

Knowing how to really make BDSM work for you and your date is important, but it won’t change much about how bad is: Final Analysis: Should You Use For Adult Dating? isn’t a site we’d ever be happy recommending to anyone. We highly recommend that you avoid it, and try our number one site instead. is our number one site, and for good reason: it really works!

25 Responses to “ Review: Why Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site”

  1. Billy Darkblade

    I’m not even going to type up a long review bc tbh I just want to be done with this site.

  2. Charles

    There’s no comparison between and just about every other site I’ve ever used. This one sucks more than you can imagine.

  3. Aimless Flag

    I wonder if this site is a scam, I really do. I won’t detail it here, but there are certain things that concern me…

  4. Lucas

    Yeah, I have my concerns about being legit, but that doesn’t mean I’ll start trashing it everywhere I can.

  5. Tiger Seriously

    This site just isn’t good. It’s that simple. Nothing on it works and it doesn’t even load half the time.

  6. Ontostock

    I just wanted to test the site out and let me tell you, making a profile to do even that was too much.

  7. Bud

    Rating the lowest possible rating is all I can do. I can’t find any redeeming qualities to be honest.

  8. Red Lava Soldier

    I feel like my review would be better if the site got an update and actually looked like a site used in 2013 instead of the 90s.

  9. Wilson

    Dating can be really annoying, so I guess we’ll see if makes it a little more tolerable for me.

  10. Nervous Notorious

    I don’t think I’ll ever be done with sites like this. Some of them are just so bad they’re actually hilarious.

  11. Sub-Ron

    My review might be better if this site really was 100% free. I think it’s a scam and it charges you somewhere.

  12. Garry

    Meeting back up with my crazy ex girlfriend would probably be better in comparison than using for another minute.

  13. Bad Ape

    I’m not sure if this is a scam or if it’s just a poorly maintained site, I really don’t know.

  14. Trinidad

    If is legit, can someone let me know? I’ve read a few reviews but I want a good one.

  15. Kala Ruthless Fargloom

    I’m not sure why anyone thinks this site is good. What would prompt them to think that? Seriously, this site is bad.

  16. Angry Mutant

    I like to test out every site but I wish I’d never signed up for this one.

  17. Brant

    If there is a rating lower than 0, let me know, because deserves it. I can’t tell you how much I hate this site.

  18. Red Spider

    2013 wasn’t a good year for dating sites, I guess. I don’t think I left a single good review all year.

  19. Jerald

    I haven’t dated for a while so I plan to use a dating site like to ease back into it.

  20. Dreaded Buffalo

    I’m so fed up with sites like this, especially this one. They all just try and scam you. It’s dumb.

  21. Boiling Reptile

    I couldn’t get a read on this site for the longest time and now that I have I have to leave a bad review.

  22. Charles

    I can’t get over how bad is in comparison to all the other more reputable dating sites I’ve used.

  23. Sapphire Grenade

    Scam me out of money at your peril. I will trash your site on every message board I can sign up for.

  24. Dennis

    I used and I can tell you it’s a legit site, there are people on it. Not sure how “good” it is tho.

  25. Stray Massive Bull

    I wanted to be able to say this site was good so I could say I finally found a worthwhile one…


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