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Yet another site designed to lure men in and drive women away. You'd think they'd learn at some point? The results we got were terrible, but they weren't terribly surprising.

When you have a site that’s just plastered in boobs and butts from the very beginning, there’s really no hope. In the case of, we’re sad to say that this site was just going to be ruined from the very beginning. It’s not only covered in boobs and butts, but it has ads that plaster the exact same thing all up in our faces.

ALERT! Adult Dating Scam Img

That isn’t going to attract women.

Sites that just don’t cater to women don’t work. has absolutely nothing intimate about it, and that’s because they just don’t care at all. The only thing this site cares about is making men join, and during our MySexHookups review, this became more and more obvious at time went on. The site is really all one big MySexHookups scam, and that means that the only thing that they want is your money…and nothing else matters.

Our Results Using For Adult Dating

We spent a total of 3 months on our MySexHookups review, and during that time period, we sent out 270 e-mails to women that we really, truly hoped weren’t just more MySexHookups scams.


Sadly, the numbers were still bad.

From those 270 e-mails, we only received a total of 46 responses. This was deplorable, but at this point, we just had to nod sadly and move onto another site that would work out.

We didn’t get a single woman that wanted to go out with us, obviously, which just added to our disappointment in this site. It’s a waste of time and space as far as we’re concerned.

Why Is the Bottom of the Barrel: Is a Scam?

When you come across a site that is as run-down as this one, it’s hard not to find several things about it that just really let you down. This one in particular has so many that it’s impossible just to name a few.

It’s just one big scam.

When you’re looking at this site, it’s hard not to find fakes. It’s also hard not to find scammers, and it’s hard not to find the sheer fact that it’s void of any and all women. All in all, it’s a giant time waste, and it’s just an abyss of failure in our books. in the News

It’s important to really know your stuff when it comes to BDSM lingo, though that isn’t going to change much on a horrible site like

It’s important to know the difference between a submissive and a slave in BDSM, and this article breaks it down in a way that never would be able to: Final Analysis: Should You Use For Adult Dating?

We’ll never recommend a site like to someone that actually wants to meet women and have sex. It just isn’t going to work, so skip it and move onto something else.

We highly recommend you check out instead. It’s our number one site for sex dating, and that’s because it’s consistent, fun, and really easy to use when it comes to hooking up and meeting real women.

25 Responses to “ Review: Why Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site”

  1. Springbok Steamy

    I didn’t meet anyone that’s really my type on this site….the site’s bad, too, so I can’t leave a good review.

  2. Renaldo

    In comparison to all the other sites I’ve used was really underwhelming. I’m not sure what made it suck so much.

  3. Homeless Flapper

    I won’t say the site is bad but it’s definitely not good. I’d put money on the fact that it’s a scam.

  4. Evan

    I’m looking for someone who knows whether or not is legit. I need to know before I sign up.

  5. Sheep Brave

    This site just isn’t very good. I can’t figure out quite what it is about it but it just isn’t a good one.

  6. Thirsty Spider

    I wanted to test this site out bc the name sounded so promising but it was just another big disappointment.

  7. Duncan

    I’m not sure what the lowest rating is but this site deserves it. I couldn’t find a thing I liked.

  8. The Pet

    2013 is almost over and I’m not very happy with the sites I’ve been using, so I’ll leave bad reviews.

  9. Pasquale

    I’ve used a lot of dating sites and tbh looks just like all the others. It should go well.

  10. Dirty Rebel

    I’m just not very happy with this site and all the sites like it in general, in fact. They’re not very good.

  11. Moving Epsilon

    Everyone keeps saying if I’m not happy with the site I should review it, but I don’t have the time.

  12. Don

    What is WRONG with I’ve used so many sites that are SO much better in comparison to this trainwreck.

  13. John Fargloom

    I bet this is a scam. It doesn?t look like you have to pay to sign up but I bet you have to pay later.

  14. Myron

    I learned a while ago that you can’t judge a book by its cover and no matter what looks like it might still be good.

  15. Dangerous Dragonfly

    It’s not very good when the site you’re using has three different ways on there to tell you it’s discreet. Trying too hard…

  16. Screamy Foxy Crocodile

    I didn’t want to use a site like this but someone recommended I test it out. I’m sorry I did.

  17. Chance

    A rating for is in order. A LOW one. There’s nothing good on this sorry excuse for a site.

  18. Heavy Llama

    I’m leaving a bad review for every site I used in 2013 bc I just didn’t use any good ones.

  19. Wilmer

    I just went through a divorce and want to get back into casual dating. seems like a decent site…

  20. Frozen Vulture

    Sites like this are going down the toilet, I swear. They’re not worth time, let alone any of my money.

  21. Jacob Corsair Hawkins

    This review won’t be very good. There’s nothing good about this site, so I really have nothing nice to say.

  22. Napoleon

    Have you ever used one of those sites that makes all the other bad ones you’ve used look good in comparison? Yeah, that’s

  23. Solid Child

    This site is a SCAM. It’ll let you sign up and then wants money from you. It’s RIDICULOUS, I swear.

  24. Wilmer seems legit enough. I hope I’m not wrong about that gut instinct assessment. Has anyone heard anything at all?

  25. Greendex

    If I ever thought this was a good site I was so wrong. It’s probably the worst one I’ve ever used.


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