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If we could rate this site any higher, we would. We got a stunning 251 replies to our messages, and pulled off 12 hot nights.

We were actually surprised at first that FuckBookNet.net was so impressive. It’s a rare day that we find a site that honestly works as well as this one, but trust us: we were extremely happy with it. We really want to be able to find sites that work well, and in the case of FuckBookNet.net, that’s exactly what we had underneath our fingertips.


This site has an amazing community.

We’re pretty sure that the best part about FuckBookNet is that it honestly just has an amazingly active, thriving community. While we were doing our FuckBookNet review, we ended up checking the ratios of men to women on this site, and we were terribly pleased to find as many women as we did.

This site is full of ladies, and there are all kinds of ladies to boot. This means that you’re going to have an amazing variety to choose from, and that means that you’ll really be able to find the exact kind of woman that you want. With that in mind, your experience on this site should be smooth and easy–just like ours was overall.

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We loved this site and you will do. Be sure to try out FuckBookNet

Our FuckBookNet.net Results After Three Months: Is FuckBookNet.net a Go?

We ended up spending a total of 3 months on our FuckBookNet review, and during this time, we sent out a total of 270 e-mails to women that we met on this site. We were sure that they weren’t FuckBookNet scams, and trust us–we were looking.

The results were amazing.

From those 270 e-mails, we ended up with a total of 251 responses. This really amazed us, as we normally just ask for a minimum of 50% return to be happy with a site’s performance.

Out of those 251 responses, we ended up with a total of 27 women wanting to meet up with us. Ultimately, 20 of them showed up, which really impressed us. It’s a rare day we have numbers that are this good, trust us.

We ended up hooking up with a total of 12 women from this site, which really was amazing. We couldn’t have been happier with the results from this site, and that means that we would have been happy to go back and use it at any point in the future.

FuckBookNet.net: Top 3 Emails That Got Spicy Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Megan. I couldn’t help but notice your gorgeous smile, and that’s what made me keep reading your profile. From there, though, I noticed you were into horseback riding. Care to have a ride on the beach with me this weekend?”

Email 2: “Hi, Tiffany. You’ve got some amazing pictures up, but I have to say, what really kept me on your profile was the fact that you’re into deep sea fishing. If you ever have a chance, maybe you could go out on my boat with me one afternoon.”

Email 3: “Hi, Marianne. I couldn’t help but notice that you’re into scuba diving, which is a favorite hobby of mine as well. If you ever have a chance to head out, my gear is always ready.”

FuckBookNet.net Features That Dress to Impress

One of our favorite parts of this site is that you’re just not going to find that many scams. FuckBookNet scams are all but nonexistent on this site, and that means that it’s an incredibly safe environment overall.

This site also has an incredible community.

When you’re looking for variety, this is the kind of site that you’re going to want to be on. There are a ton of different ladies from all walks of life on this site, and that means that you’re just going to have an amazing variety to choose from. It makes it a really exciting site to use for sure.

How to Stand Out on FuckBookNet.net: Our Secret Dating Tactics

On FuckBookNet, it’s important that you really take the time to tailor your profile. Don’t skip out on the details; talk about yourself and what you’re into at length.

By doing this, you’ll have the best results.

Women want to know about you on this site, so let them know quite a bit. Skimping on the details is just going to make the dating process slower, and you definitely don’t want that.

FuckBookNet.net Features That Didn’t Quite Make It

FuckBookNet.net is really an enjoyable site to use overall, but we do think that it’s a bit difficult to get started.

The main reason for this is that there’s a lot of competition on this site, so you really have to be able to keep up with what’s going on with this site. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be just fine.

FuckBookNet.net in the News

Being kinky can be a lot of fun when you’re hooking up, and so this article is a good read for someone using sites like FuckBookNet.net: http://voices.yahoo.com/hot-kinky-down-dirty-your-1885566.html?cat=52

Foodplay can be a lot of fun in the bedroom when used right, so keep that in mind when you’re hooking up with your lady on FuckBookNet.net: http://voices.yahoo.com/four-more-kinky-sex-games-getting-down-dirty-with-1885322.html?cat=7

FuckBookNet.net Final Analysis: Our Call on Using FuckBookNet.net For Adult Dating

FuckBookNet.net is our number one site without a doubt. Our number simply don’t lie when it comes to this site, and that’s why we’re incredibly happy to recommend it to you.

Check out this site, and we really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. FuckBookNet is the best of the best, without a doubt!

35 Responses to “FuckBookNet.net Review: Why FuckBookNet.net Ranked #1 For Adult Dating”

  1. The Invader

    I didn’t expect much when I decided to review FuckBookNet.net, because come on, what’s with that name? I’m happy it turned out to be a really good site after all.

  2. Sylvester

    This site is amazing in comparison to the other crappy hookup sites I’ve wasted my time on lately. It’s refreshing to finally find a site that really works for me.

  3. Airmen Skinny

    I was so worried that this site was a scam when I first signed up, but now I can see that it’s actually a really great site to be on. I’ve met a ton of women on here!

  4. Tod

    Can anyone tell me whether or not this site is legit? I really don’t want to sign up for a scam site, but so far it looks like it’s pretty legit to me.

  5. Stormy Dagger

    I didn’t know that FuckBookNet.net was so good, but now I’m going to tell all my friends about it! It was so easy to meet women on here, I was absolutely shocked.

  6. Honey Needless

    I don’t normally test out dating or hookup sites, but something compelled me to give FuckBookNet.net a try. As it turns out, this is the best hookup site I’ve ever seen.

  7. Benedict

    I can’t give this site a good enough rating! I love it, and I’m never going to leave! It’s never been so simple to meet women until now, and I’m thrilled.

  8. Temporary Pottery

    I don’t get it! I read a review for this site saying it was just a scam, but I’ve been able to get laid six times in the past five months because of this site.

  9. Percy

    I’ve never tried dating online, but I really hope that this site give me the results that I want. I’m so tired of not getting laid! Drastic times call for drastic measures!

  10. Latplus

    Sites like FuckBookNet.net are why I haven’t given up on hookup sites just yet. It’s hard to find a good one, but once you do it’s so easy to get laid.

  11. Cockroach Desire

    I saw someone review FuckBookNet.net and say that the site was fake. Well, that’s funny because I’ve definitely hooked up with multiple women I met on this exact same site.

  12. Benedict

    In comparison to the other sites I’ve been on, I never want to go to another one again! This site makes me feel like a god amongst men, and the ladies love me!

  13. Captain Jack Coldbane

    I have no idea why people think that this site is a scam. Maybe they just don’t know how to use it properly, because I’ve had a lot of success on here.

  14. Cristopher

    I think this site looks completely legit, so really don’t get why it get so much hate from the review sites. I’m going to sign up and see what it’s all about.

  15. Tripplequaddom

    I have nothing but good things to say about FuckBookNet.net. The name might be a little deceiving, but I promise you the site is totally legit and has worked wonders for me.

  16. Gloomy Temple

    I’m not going to test out any more sites in my life, because I found the one for me! FuckBookNet.net has been the best site ever so far, and I’m not going anywhere.

  17. Randolph

    I don’t know what rating to give this site, because I love it way too much to give it anything but a fifteen out of ten! I guess sites don’t normally let you do that.

  18. Gold Pony

    Any review from 2013 saying that this site is a scam is lying! I love this website and I’ve met a ton of beautiful women on here who are perfectly real, thank you very much.

  19. Juan

    I’m not any good at trying to get back into the dating scene in real life, so I’m going to try this site instead. I hope I have an easier time meeting women on here.

  20. Gross Simon Deadwood

    Sites like this are so amazing. I love that I can just log onto my computer and chat with countless sexy singles in my area. Thank you so much, FuckBookNet.net!

  21. Cutie Bunny

    I read a review for FuckBookNet.net warning people that it was a scam, but it isn’t that way at all. In fact, this site is the best hookup site I’ve ever seen.

  22. Mose

    In comparison to the scam sites that are cropping up all over the place, this one is a total godsend for its users. It’s easy to use and the women are real.

  23. Silver Rocky Rat

    I had a bad experience with a scam site a few years ago and have had trust issues ever since, but so far this one has turned out to be the real deal.

  24. Porter

    My friends all say that this is legit one of the best hookup sites out there, but I’m not so sure. It definitely doesn’t look all that good to me.

  25. Hideous Scarecrow

    There’s nothing but good things to be said about FuckBookNet.net. Don’t judge it by its name – the site is actually really user friendly and has a ton of gorgeous women!

  26. The Lion

    I told myself I wasn’t going to test out anymore hookup sites, so I don’t know what possessed me to try FuckBookNet.net. I’m glad I did, though, because I had a lot of luck!

  27. Stacy

    I want to give this site a good rating everyone I go from now on! It definitely deserves it. I never thought I’d meet any women online in my life.

  28. Maximum Smokey Duck

    I heard that any negative review you read from 2013 is a fake, and I believe it. Nobody who has actually used the site would ever say anything bad about it.

  29. Hubert

    I was about to give up on online dating altogether before I heard about this site. Now I’m signing up and expecting good things, so wish me luck meeting women.

  30. Canal Icy

    I love sites like this as it is, but I was totally blown away by the quality of FuckBookNet.net. I’m glad I decided to try it, because I almost went with another site instead.

  31. Falcon Epsilon

    My friend asked me to review FuckBookNet.net for him, and I figured it’d turn out to just be another scam. As it turns out, it’s so legit that I made my own account!

  32. Morton

    Comparison sites don’t hold up to this one in my opinion! I can’t think of a better hookup site, and I’ve been telling everyone I know about how good it is.

  33. Eastern Hurricane

    With scam sites all over the internet, it’s so hard to find a website you can trust. Luckily this one is out there, which is totally legit and has a ton of beautiful members.

  34. Jonah

    I’m hoping that this site turns out to be legit, because I’m about fed up with all the scams out there. I don’t want to mess around with those anymore.

  35. Liquid Angel

    FuckBookNet.net turned out to be a lot better than I expected it to be. I mean, I wasn’t even anticipating it being good, let alone a site I could actually get laid on.


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