Fling.ca Review: Why Fling.ca Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site



Review of: fling.ca

Reviewed by: Fling Source


With all the scam bots and fake profiles, the best you can hope to get from this site is wasted time.

Fling.ca is a study in wasted potential. We really do think that Fling.ca could have been a great site, but in general, this site has been taken over by scam bots and fakes. It’s hard to even wade through this site for a review without running into a fake profile or fifteen.

If that doesn’t put you off, what will?

ALERT! Adult Dating Scam Img

No one wants to deal with a site that’s full of fakes, least of all us. During our Fling review, we mostly ended up wanting to pull out our hair regarding all the scammers that we found on this site. You really can’t flip to a profile without figuring out that it’s just another Fling scam, and that’s incredibly frustrating for anyone, especially if you’re really trying to make this site work.

Our Results Using Fling.ca For Adult Dating

We spent a total of 3 months on our Fling review, and during that time, we sent out 270 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t just more Fling scams.

Sadly, they probably were still scams.

Fling.ca Img Overlay

We only received a total of 89 replies to all of those e-mails that we sent out, which was just pathetic. We were pretty sure at this point that this site was just going to be another time waster.

Judging by the fact we didn’t get a single woman that actually wanted to meet up with us, we’re pretty sure we were right. This site was just one disappointment after another.

Why Fling.ca Is the Bottom of the Barrel: Is Fling.ca a Scam?

We’re at least 99% sure that Fling.ca deliberately pads their sites with fakes. This means that they’re adding fake profiles to the site themselves to try and boost their ratio.

There are no women on here.

This site only seems to have a bunch of sad, sad men on it. That means that you’re just not going to get anywhere at all when it comes to dating, and that you’ll definitely never get a real hookup courtesy of this site.

Fling.ca in the News

Sexy lingerie can really turn your evening on, but it’s just not going to do you any good on horrible sites like Fling.ca: http://voices.yahoo.com/the-secrets-sexy-lingerie-179982.html?cat=23

Your woman might be into you crossdressing, so you should point her in the direction of this article in the unlikely event you meet her on Fling.ca: http://voices.yahoo.com/sexy-lingerie-shopping-tips-guide-cross-dessers-1703065.html?cat=46

Fling.ca Final Analysis: Should You Use Fling.ca For Adult Dating?

Fling.ca is one site that we’ll definitely never recommend for sex dating. There’s really no possibility of actually meet women on this site, and that means that you’re just wasting your time by using this site overall.

Instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site for sex dating, FuckBookNet.net. Unlike Fling.ca, it’s actually very easy to use, full of ladies, and a ton of fun. The numbers have definitely proven that it is our number one, and we’re happy to promote it as such.

25 Responses to “Fling.ca Review: Why Fling.ca Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site”

  1. Liquid Mountain

    Can’t leave a good review, sorry. I know some ppl can overlook bad sites but I can’t. This site sucks.

  2. Benton

    I think bleaching my eyes might be better in comparison than looking at some of the pics on Fling.ca again.

  3. Honey Needless

    I know ppl claim scam when they can’t get laid on a site but I rly think this one is actually a scam.

  4. Chadwick

    I’m wondering if Fling.ca is legit. I haven’t heard much about it…is it a new site or something? Must be.

  5. Hidden Doe

    Literally none of the pictures on that homepage are of hot women. That’s not very good so I won’t use it.

  6. KnifeKnife

    I wanted to test out this site after I heard about it but I’m sorry to say I wish I hadn’t tested it out…

  7. Burl

    A low rating for this site is in order from me. I don’t think I met a single hot woman.

  8. Ruthless Goldfish

    2013 was the year of dating sites and reviews. I used and wrote so many! They just don’t work at all.

  9. Terry

    I’m way more into casual dating than anytning else right now. Hopefully Fling.ca will be just what I need, right?

  10. The Sapphire

    I wish sites like this were a lot better but sadly, they just aren’t. I’ve had way too many bad experiences.

  11. Fisherman Pointless

    My review of this site is extraordinarily low.I really just don’t have anything nice to say about it at all.

  12. Abe

    I have to say that in comparison to every other site I’ve used Fling.ca is by far the worst. That’s saying something.

  13. Zot-Hold

    I’ve heard the term scam tossed around a lot and I think that maybe they’re right. This site isn’t legit.

  14. Brice

    If this site weren’t legit, it would look cheaper, right? I’m thinking that Fling.ca is okay so far but I’m not sure.

  15. Tiny Gravy

    I’ve been wondering if this site is good for quite some time but now I don’t wonder. IT’S REALLY BAD.

  16. Gravezumtouch

    I wouldn’t have wanted to test the site out if someone I know hadn’t said it was great. They were wrong.

  17. Markus

    My rating for Fling.ca couldn’t be lower. I don’t think this site is doing anything right and I don’t know why anyone uses it.

  18. Bad Puma

    2013 wasn’t a very good year. I’m leaving bad reviews on all the sites that did NOTHING to help me get laid.

  19. Leonard

    I wish everyone could see the benefits of casual dating…that’s why I’m hoping Fling.ca will be good for me and everyone.

  20. Walker Blackbeard

    I’m tired of sites like this tbh…they’re all one huge letdown that doesn’t seem to work for me at all.

  21. Zimfax

    I was hoping I could leave a good review at the end of me using this site but nope, another bad one.

  22. Art

    In comparison to all the others I’ve used Fling.ca is really bad. There’s nothing redeeming about this site if you ask me.

  23. BoyBoy

    Is this stie a scam? Is it a scam or just shitty? No one knows. All I know is iti’s bad.

  24. Winford

    I’ve used a lot of sites that just weren’t legit. Fling.ca was alright, not good, not good. Maybe I’d use it again.

  25. Rebel Lucky Fox

    I can deal with a site if it’s just not good. But this site was just plain BAD. Disappointments all around.


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