FBookHookups.com Review: Why FBookHookups.com Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site



Review of: fbookhookups.com

Reviewed by: FBookHookups Source


From start to finish, this site is a complete failure. We wasted our time here, so you'd better learn from our efforts!

FBookHookups.com is a site that makes us grit our teeth every single time we even think about it. It all starts with the horrible layout, truth be told, which is, of course, covered in boobs that will certainly only attract men. We’re actually not even sure that it’ll attract men, because honestly, the site layout’s model isn’t even that attractive.

ALERT! Adult Dating Scam Img

Basically, it’s a failure of a site from the get-go.

Any site that exclusively markets towards men is going to fail. This has never failed to be wrong, and in the case of FBookHookups.com, it’s very obvious from the moment you start spying fake profiles. During our FBookHookups review, all we could find were fake profiles and FBookHookup scams, which made it very difficult to even attempt to have a real hookup on this site.

Our Results Using FBookHookups.com For Adult Dating

We spent a total of 3 months on our FBookHookups review, and during that time, we sent out 270 e-mails to women that we honestly hoped weren’t even more FBookHookups scams.


The numbers said otherwise.

From those 270 e-mails, we only received a total of 44 responses. This really made us sad, and we had to wonder about anyone else that has ever tried to make this site work for them.

It’s just depressing to imagine anyone trying to use this site, truth be told. We couldn’t get a single woman to go out with us, and that made us want to bang our heads slowly into the wall, and possibly get drunk.

Why FBookHookups.com Is the Bottom of the Barrel: Is FBookHookups.com a Scam?

The moment we logged onto this site, we were bombarded by fake profiles and ads. This means that it’s already going to be an unpleasant experience, because if you can spot fake profiles that easily, that means that most of the site is going to be the same.

The bulk of it is cam girls.

You aren’t going to get anything out of that sort of arrangement, so there’s no point in clicking on their pictures. They, like this site, are time wasters.

FBookHookups.com in the News

Bondage can be a ton of fun on your hookup, and that’s why it’s important to know a lot about it, even if you’re using horrible sites like FBookHookups.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/bdsm-beginners-bondage-basics-76577.html?cat=41

Hot was play can be incredibly sexy in the sack, though it isn’t going to help you get any dates on sites that suck like FBookHookups.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/bdsm-techniques-hot-wax-play-72207.html?cat=41

FBookHookups.com Final Analysis: Should You Use FBookHookups.com For Adult Dating?

FBookHookups.com is one site that we can’t find a single redeemable thing about, so definitely just skip it.

Instead, check out our number one site, FuckBookNet.net. It will actually help you get the kind of woman you’re looking for, and you’ll have fun, too.

25 Responses to “FBookHookups.com Review: Why FBookHookups.com Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site”

  1. Captain Bill Ravenbeard

    There’s no way to leave a good review for this site, and I’m sorrry I even made a damn profile.

  2. John

    In comparison to the last site I used, FBookHookups.com is even worse than I thought it was going to be.

  3. Solid Venom

    I’m not sure when all these dating sites became scams, but I’m pretty sure they all are anymore these days.

  4. Noel

    I wonder how legit this FBookHookups.com site is …usually when there’s all those pics like that right on the homepage it isn’t…

  5. Move Lamfan

    “Premier adult network” my ass. This site isn’t even good, let alone anything near “premier”. Give me a dam break.

  6. Foxy Prince

    If you won’t let me test out the full features of the site without paying, your site is crap. Sorry, but it’s true.

  7. Keven

    FBookHookups.com doesn’t even get a 1 star rating. It gets ZERO. Nothing, nada. This site is crap and I hate it.

  8. Sunny Otter

    I don’t know how useful this review will be since I used the site way back at the beginning of 2013…

  9. Elisha

    I like that FBookHookups.com isn’t about dating but is about casual hookups instead, but idk how I feel beyond that.

  10. Rocky Swallow

    Sites like this never do me any good anymore. I’m about to give up on them as a whole tbh.

  11. Jack Davis

    I can’t even leave a mediocre review bc this site isn’t even mediocre. It’s absolutely awful and I regret wasting time.

  12. Vern

    FBookHookups.com is probably one of the worstsites I’ve used, at least when oyu put it in comparison to all those others.

  13. Brown Steel

    I think this site is a scam…anything that says join for free but isn’t entirely free usually is, you know?

  14. Franklyn

    Does anyone know if FBookHookups.com is legit? I kind of want to use it but I don’t know much about it.

  15. Zonetone

    I’ve been looking for so long for a good dating site and I cerrtainly didn’t find it in this one.

  16. Solid Silly Spider

    I don’t like this site and even if you just want to sign up to test it out, you’re going to be wasting your time.

  17. Neville

    A low rating is all that FBookHookups.com deserves. I saw a few hot girls but the site overall was a letdown.

  18. Lefty Rabbit

    2013 was an okay year. Pretty average and I didn’t like the dating sites I used. Bad review for this one.

  19. Dana

    Dating isn’t the thing anymore, at least for everyone…it’s good to see that FBookHookups.com at least seems to understand that.

  20. The Cool Forsaken Boomerang

    I just don’t know what to do about sites like this anymore. It’s been so long since I used a good one!

  21. Donkey Fast

    A bad review is in order. I didn’t like anything about this site and I don’t want to ever use it again.

  22. Clay

    I’m not very satisfied with FBookHookups.com. It was terrible, especially in comparison with all the good ones I’ve used before.

  23. Indigo Beta

    Is this a scam? I can’t be the only one getting a scam vibe from this stupid site, come on.

  24. Donn

    I’m usually pretty wary of dating sites bc they might not be legit. I wonder if FBookHookups.com is a good site.

  25. Black Ogre

    Is there anyone out there that thinks this site is good? I want to know what pushes them to think that.


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