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Just look at the numbers. We sent out 270 messages and got 228 replies. The women we hooked up with were hot and fun! is the kind of site that we wish we had found early on in our own online dating career. This site is well-run, well-organized, and in general, the kind of site that you’re going to want to keep coming back to again and again because the ease of use in incredible. The more that we used it during our EroticAds review, the more obvious this sort of thing became. CTA img

This site is very intuitive.

It’s hard not to enjoy a site that does exactly what you want it to do. In the case of, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. It’s very important on a site that you can actually navigate it, and that’s especially important on dating sites. Otherwise, how are you going to find the women that you want to be with in general? makes it very seamless to look and browse. That means that other people are going to find it easy as well, and that means that more people in general are going to join this site…which means more opportunities for hookups for you.


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Our Results After Three Months: Is a Go?

We ended up spending a total of 3 months on our EroticAds review, and during this time period, we sent out 270 e-mails to women on this site. We were sure that every e-mail we sent out wasn’t to another EroticAds scam, and this makes a world of difference.

Our results were outstanding.

From those 270 e-mails, we ended up receiving a total of 228 responses. This really wowed us, because normally, we are pretty happy with even only a 50% return of e-mails.

From those 228 responses, we end up with a total of 18 women that actually wanted to meet us. Eleven of them actually showed up for the dates that we set up, and we ultimately had hookups with seven of them. Overall, we were very pleased with these results. Top 3 Emails That Got Spicy Responses

Email 1: “Hi, Mandy. I see that you’re a talented chef, and I’d love a chance to actually try out some of your meals. I’m sure they taste as good as they look, so if you ever need someone to practice new recipes on, I’m your man without a doubt.”

Email 2: “Hi, Beatrice. I couldn’t help but notice you’re really into skiing. It’s a hobby that I’ve always wanted to get more into, so maybe the next time that you’re in the area, we should hit the slopes together for an afternoon.”

Email 3: “Hi, Candace. I really admire your dedication to your sewing, and I think that your designs are just drop dead gorgeous. I’m curious if you have any more pictures, because I’d love to see more of you modeling the dresses that you’ve designed.” Features That Dress to Impress makes it very easy to find women. On a site that’s all about sex dating, that’s incredibly important, obviously, because how else are you going to make all of those hookups actually happen?

Ease of use is very important.

The other great part about this site is that it really caters to the ladies. It’s important that sites create that kind of intimate atmosphere to draw in women, and that’s exactly what EroticAds has done. This means that more women will end up joining, and it ultimately means a better experience for everyone that is part of the site.

How to Stand Out on Our Secret Dating Tactics

EroticAds has no shortage of women, but it’s all a matter of really catering to them and making them pay attention to you. On this site, you can do that by toning down the sexual innuendo, and focusing more on an intimate, erotic vibe.

Women on here want to be seduced.

We noticed throughout our review that they really want to be pampered and seduced before the hookup actually happens. Take the time to do this, and you’ll end up with a much more successful rate of hookups. Features That Didn’t Quite Make It

While we didn’t see many EroticAds scams on this site, they still exist, and they’re mostly in the form of cam girls. Just avoid clicking on the links in their profile, and you’ll still be safe.

Overall, just keep an eye out for scams on this site. They aren’t terribly prolific, but they do still exist, and it’s important that you’re aware of that. in the News

Using mirrors in the bedroom can really add another level to your sexy experience from, so check out this article for a few great ideas:

Kinky sex doesn’t have to be expensive, even if you’re using great sites like, so keep this article in mind when you’re hooking up with your hot date: Final Analysis: Our Call on Using For Adult Dating is our number four site. We really think this is a great site, and if you’re going to use one site in conjunction with a few others, we highly suggest that it’s this one. Give it a shot, and you’ll really end up seeing a difference in the number of hookups that you’re getting.

35 Responses to “ Review: Why Ranked #4 For Adult Dating”

  1. Gravefan

    When I was asked to review, I honestly laughed because I thought the site was a fake. As it turns out, it’s really legit and really amazing. The women are to die for!

  2. Clay

    This site is so good in comparison to all those fakie hookup sites out there. I’m sick of the scams and hoaxes and fake women – this is the real deal!

  3. El Canary

    Don’t worry, this site isn’t a scam even though it looks like it could be. Just join and you’ll see a difference in your sex life immediately, I promise you that.

  4. Vicente

    This site looks legit to me, but you can never be too sure with these sorts of things. I’m going to look up as many reviews as I can first just to be safe.

  5. Dangerous Dragonfly

    I’ve never seen such a good hookup site in my life! Don’t let looks deceive you! is the best hookup site I’ve ever been on in my whole life.

  6. The Pluto Evil Torpedo

    I would definitely recommend a test run at least of Joining is totally free, and as soon as you join you’ll start to see women all flocking to you!

  7. Kip

    Please don’t give this site a negative rating just on appearances! I promise it’s legit and the site is really amazing even though it looks like it’s just a fake.

  8. Froglet Beauty

    Any review from 2013 saying that this site is a scam is lying. There’s nothing fake about this site, they clearly just didn’t spend enough time on here to see that.

  9. Carmelo

    I don’t know if I could use this site for dating, but I hope I can because I need a girlfriend like crazy. Does anyone know if this site is for hookups only?

  10. Heavy Boy

    Sites like this are why I keep going on hookup sites. There’s absolutely nothing better than finding a diamond in the rough like that gets you laid super quickly.

  11. The Gutsy Knight

    If you review, please take the time to actually investigate the site rather than just writing based on looks alone. The site is actually home to quite a few members.

  12. Frederick

    In comparison to the scam sites out there, this one is a beautiful example of a hookup site. I’ve never met real women any easier than I have on here.

  13. Dirty Rocky Craw

    For those who are concerned about this site being a scam, don’t worry! It’s completely legit and you’re sure to get results literally the day you join. It’s a miracle!

  14. Gregg

    When I saw the homepage, the site didn’t strike me as legit, but I might just be being pessimistic. I had a bad experience last year and don’t want a repeat of that.

  15. Modern Dreaded Ox

    Good god, I didn’t think sites like this even existed anymore! is a blessing in disguise! It looks fake but gets you laid in nearly no time at all!

  16. Joey Yellow

    Don’t bother with a test run of – just join it right off the bat! I promise you’ll be hooked up with countless women before you can even blink.

  17. Anibal

    I can’t give this site a high enough rating to describe just how grateful I am for it! I love this site so much, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get laid.

  18. Bloody Francois Gull

    A review that I read from 2013 said that this site was legit, so I joined despite my gut feeling. I’m so glad I was wrong! This site is completely legit.

  19. Asa

    Dating online is so hard for me, so I’d rather use this site for hooking up. I’m pretty sure that’s the point of the site, though, so I should be in luck.

  20. Captain Johnny Silverbeard

    I love sites like They’re so small that they don’t have much of a guy population, which means that all the ladies are left to me! I can get whoever I want!

  21. The Old Electron

    I read a review for this site, but for some reason they seemed to think that was just a scam. I guess they didn’t know how the site works, because it’s so legit.

  22. Josiah

    I don’t know why any sites think they stand a chance in comparison to this one. Sure it needs a renovation or two, but the site has gotten me so many women it’s insane.

  23. Boiling Rare Alpha

    There’s no way that this site is a scam! Despite what people say, I don’t think a scam site would put me together with countless gorgeous ladies for absolutely free!

  24. Columbus

    Dating in real life is legit impossible for me because my wife is so nosy, but this site might be exactly what I need to finally get the sex that I deserve.

  25. Flaming Locomotive

    I can’t say enough good things about! I keep telling all my friends how amazing it is, and I think they’re all going to join in a few months.

  26. The Reborn Queen

    I would never just test out a site like this when I can join for free! Joining is a no-risk way to hook up with all the gorgeous women in your area.

  27. Von

    I don’t know what rating to give this site! It deserves such a high rating that I don’t think a simple 10 would do it any justice! This site is so good it’s crazy.

  28. Danger Wizard

    I saw a review from 2013 for this site, but I don’t think they were using it right. If you aren’t getting laid on here, then your profile must just be no good.

  29. Edison

    I’m new to dating online, but I think this site is a good start. It’s better to start on smaller sites like this and just make my way upwards, right?

  30. Bear Stony

    Sites like this give me hope for online dating as a whole. made me feel like I could talk to anyone because everyone always responded to me on here!

  31. Wild Plutonium

    I wouldn’t trust any review saying that is a scam, because I know for a fact that it’s legit. Me and all of my friends have gotten laid using this site.

  32. Len

    I can’t believe comparison sites think they stand even the slightest chance. I hate going on any other sites because they really don’t even compare to this one at all.

  33. Captain Johnny Silverbeard

    I don’t know why people think this site is a scam. This site is amazing, it’s easy to meet women, and I would never stop being a member even if you paid me.

  34. Santo

    My friends don’t think that this site is legit, so I’m going to make it my goal to prove them wrong! Watch out, guys, I’m gonna be rolling in the ladies!

  35. Dormouse Willy

    I’ve never been on a hookup site that’s so good but has such a cheap-looking homepage. I promise works wonders, they just ned a redesign. Anyone know any designers?


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