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While the number of replies we got wasn't terrible, we only managed one date and it was pretty lame. Overall, this site is a wash.

We usually have high hopes for the sites that we review, but in the case of, we took one look at it and realized that it just wasn’t going to be what we were looking for.

We try not to judge, but seriously.

Right off the bat, we knew this site just wasn’t going to have a good ratio of men to women. That’s because it markets very heavily towards men with all the boobs and butts that are plastered all over the site, and that means it’s just not going to work for us.

ALERT! Adult Dating Scam Img

During our BeNaughty review, we really proved that with our numbers. Our stay really was less than stellar, and it’s a shame that sites like this continue to pull the wool over a lot of eyes daily.

Our Results Using For Adult Dating

We ended up spending a total of 3 months on our BeNaughty review, and during that time, we sent out 270 e-mails to women that we really hoped weren’t just more BeNaughty scams.

The results were telling.


Out of those 270 e-mails, we only received a total of 102 replies. This was well under our 50% return rate that we like to see, and that immediately made us realize that this site just wasn’t up to snuff.

From those 102 replies, only 5 of those women actually wanted to meet up with us. Only 2 showed, but not a single date ended up in an actual hookup. Obviously, we were disappointed.

Why Is the Bottom of the Barrel: Is a Scam?

There’s no doubt in our mind that most of is just one big BeNaughty scam. It’s very hard to use this site with all the fakes running around, trust us.

Fake profiles are obnoxious.

This site has them in spades, and that means that your chances of actually going out with a real woman are very, very low. It’s just disappointing. in the News

Great lines of communication can really help out your sex life, but this article isn’t going to help you on sites like

There are a ton of health benefits to sex that you can read about in this article, but it’s a shame that can’t make any of this happen: Final Analysis: Should You Use For Adult Dating?

We really can’t even begin to recommend a site like to anyone that’s serious about hooking up and having fun. This site just doesn’t work, and it’s a waste of time.

Instead, we highly recommend that you check out our number one site, This site is consistent, fun, and easy to use, and that’s why it’s consistently been our number one.

25 Responses to “ Review: Why Isn’t a Top Adult Dating Site”

  1. Sunny Bunny

    This site deserves a review, but only to trash it. This is the shittiest site I’ve used in months tbh.

  2. Sylvester is probably one of the worst sites in comparison to a few others Ii’ve used. Don’t waste your time.

  3. Moose Streaming

    I’m not sure if this site is a scam or if really is just THAT bad. Either way, I won’t be back.

  4. Loren

    I was looking for a site that is really, truly great. I found – I wonder if that’s legit.

  5. Strong Queen

    I didn’t think this site would be good when I signed up and lo and behold, it really wasn’t good.

  6. Barbaric Anaconda

    Someone told me to test this site out and I don’t know why I listened. This is the worst site.

  7. Elliott

    There isn’t a rating low enough for I hated every aspect of this site and I don’t want to use it again.

  8. Forgotten White Sound

    I used this site for most of 2013 and I have to leave a bad review. There’s nothing worthwhile here.

  9. Pat

    I’m not into dating these days, I’m much more into casual sex. I’ve had recommended to me a few times.

  10. Dangerous Beta

    Sites like this are getting to be such a disappointment these days. I haven’t used a single one that works.

  11. Freaky Dog

    Leaving a review for this site is very easy…there’s not much to say. This site was terrible when I used it.

  12. Harold

    Never having sex again seems better in comparison than staying on a moment longer, and that’s definitely saying something.

  13. Sad Star

    I’m pretty sure this site is a scam, bc almost all of the profiles I saw were fake, I swear.

  14. Wiley

    I used for a bit of time. I don’t remember my thoughts on if it was legit or not.

  15. Rat Reborn

    There’s nothing good about this site and I regret ever creating a profile. I thought it would be better than this.

  16. White Vicious Jaguar

    When I was on this site to test it out the women didn’t seem very hot at all, so I’m not using it.

  17. Johnson gets a low rating from me for sure. I hated everything about this site when I used it for a month.

  18. El Flea

    2013 was definitely an interesting year…in review, I think my sex life was ruined by bc I didn’t get laid.

  19. Ernie

    I want dating to be easy with women who understand what I want. Hopefully will have that for me.

  20. Deserted Warehouse

    I’ve used SO many sites like this and they’ve all disappointed me, but none as much as this one did.

  21. Solid Child

    I always leave reviews when the sites are bad. This one’s a waste of time, go to some other dating site.

  22. Shon is one of the worst sites out there, at least in comparison to a few of the other ones I’ve used.

  23. New Torpedo

    I don’t know if this is a scam or what, but I didn’t fel liiike I’d actually meet anyone on this site.

  24. Freeman

    Tbh I don’t know how to tell at firstglance if a site is “legit” or not. I guess looks okay…

  25. Doggy Freaky Serpent

    There was nothing good about this site and I’m sorry I wasted my time using it for even a day.


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