You Can Be Too Adventurous In The Bedroom: How to Tone It Down

From time to time, you’ll just end up overstepping parts of your kinky side in the bedroom, and that can really backfire. Even if it isn’t a kink thing, there is a site to naughty dating that can just be too much for certain people to handle, and that’s why you need to learn to take a step back, relax, and don’t go overboard. If you can do that, you’ll end up really being able to enjoy yourself to the fullest without freaking out your hookup, and trust us, that’s pretty ideal if you want to be able to build a viable black book that helps you keep dates around. Talk to Her First If you think that the kinks you have in mind are too much, then for God’s sake, just talk to her. Communication is the first line of defense that you’re going to have against this sort of thing, and that’s why you always need to make sure that you’re chatting up your girl, making sure that she’s okay with everything that you’re proposing, and that she’s just as into this side of naughty dating as you are. Otherwise, you’re really going to end up spoiling a good thing and pissing her off. You really just don’t…

Why Your Jokes Are Driving Her Away Instead of Reeling Her In

When trying to pick up women, humor can be one of your greatest tools to reel her in and make her interested in you. She’s most likely used to being approached by dozen of men who are too full of themselves to crack a joke or make fun of themselves when appropriate. However, humor can just as easily backfire on you and turn what would have been a successful hookup into a disaster. You might be confused as to why your jokes are driving her away from you instead of bringing her closer to you, but there are a few possible reasons as to why. The Jokes Are Offensive This is usually pretty obvious, but sometimes you let a joke slip that’s slightly off-color or just outright offensive. There’s no accounting for taste, of course, but you might want to keep the more offensive jokes off the table when trying to pick up women. You should try and use your common sense to decide if she’s going to find your jokes funny or offensive, but just to be safe you should probably stay away from any jokes about women in general. The last thing you want is for her to call you sexist, because that pretty much signals the end…

Why Your Conversations Are Coming to Awkward Ends

Maintaining a conversation with a woman at a bar or a club can be a serious hassle, especially if you’re a bit out of practice with small talk topics. Awkward pauses can kill a conversation more quickly than you can imagine, and if your conversation ends on an awkward note, you can bet that you’re not getting her number at the end of it all. It’s in your best interest to be able to keep a conversation going until it reaches a natural conclusion so that you can get her number or get her to go back to your place, depending on what it is that you’re aiming for. To do this, you need to understand why your conversations with women might be coming to unfortunate ends. You’re Expecting Her to Carry the Conversation If you approach a woman, you should be the one initiating and leading the conversation. It’s a pain, but it’s the way things are. If you walk up to a girl in a bar and spend more time listening to what she has to say than you try to guide the conversation, things are going to fall short pretty quickly. You need to make sure you have a few things to say to her as conversation…

Why You Should Keep Your Home Well-Stocked With Toys

You may have never considered buying sex toys that you have no personal interest in using, like vibrators, dildos, or nipple clamps, but you might want to give it due consideration when you start inviting more and more women to your house to have one-night stands or short flings with. You may not wind up using any of them if you only have a woman back to your place for one night, but if you have a more dedicated woman you have sex with frequently, it could be a good idea to have certain toys on hand. You need to remember to use condoms if you use a toy that’s going to go anywhere near the inside of her body, and clean them afterwards so things stay sterile. Even though it might be a little bit of a hassle to keep things in order, it can offer some serious benefits to your sex life. It Allows You to Get Kinky Toys are probably not a typical part of your normal sex life, which is why having some things on hand in your bedroom can make things much more exciting. It can be something as simple as a small vibrator to help your woman get off, or it could be something…

Why You Should Go Down on Her

There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to go down on the woman you’re seeing, but you need to man up and go for it. A lot of relationships end up failing because the woman is willing to do oral but the man is not, and you want to make sure she stays with you for the long term. It might not be your favorite thing to do and it might not taste the best, but here are just a few of the many reasons why you should go ahead and eat her out anyway. It’s Polite If she’s willing to go down on you, then you should be willing to reciprocate. It’s just common courtesy, honestly, and she’ll appreciate it if you do. To really get her going, beat her to the punch and go down on her first. Believe it or not, foreplay is really where women get most of their pleasure. A lot of women don’t get much pleasure from penetration alone, so during foreplay it’s your job to get her so aroused that she gets off no matter what. Her giving you a blowjob before sex is honestly just her being nice, because you’re going to get off either way. Drive her completely…

Why You Should Focus on Foreplay

When you start to hook up with women on a regular basis, you might find yourself wanting to skip the foreplay and get on with the good stuff right away, especially if you sleep with a lot of women. Foreplay can be tedious and sometimes it might be totally unnecessary for you, as a man, to do at all. There are advantages to making sure not to skip the foreplay, however, and you should try to have at least a little bit every time you hook up with a woman. There are also advantages to focusing on the foreplay instead of letting it fall by the wayside, and this can help you hook up with more and more women if you play your cards right. It Shows That You’re Thinking About Her Sometimes hooking up can be a somewhat selfish process. You want to get off, and so you focus mostly on yourself instead of the woman you’re having sex with. This isn’t necessarily an issue, because it’s only natural for you to want to get off, but if you focus on the foreplay and make sure the woman feels good it will show her that you are giving her wants consideration as well. This kind of thoughtfulness can seriously…

Why You Should Cook For Her

The easy go-to date idea is to take her out to a really nice dinner, which can do a lot more than break your wallet – it could end up breaking her interest, too. This goes against everything you’ve been taught, but believe it or not a lot of women start to feel uncomfortable if they get taken out all the time. Most of them don’t want to spend all your money, and it also leads to them feeling obligated to put out, which is an uncomfortable feeling. Save her from feeling awkward and from having another boring date by cooking at home for her instead. Caring For one thing, she’ll be blown away by what a sweet, caring guy you are. Ladies can’t resist a sensitive man, and that’s exactly what you’ll seem like when you cook for her. It also shows her that you’re willing to take care of her instead of just leaving her to dote on you. The days of women serving men all the time are over, and you need to step up and show her that you view her as your equal and not below you. Cooking for her also shows an aptitude for household activities, which is always desirable for every woman, especially…

Why You Need to Have a Clean House for Good Hookups

If you are going to be having a lot of women coming to your house or apartment for hookups, you should make sure it’s clean. This seems like common sense, but it can be tough to live neatly if you’re a single man. You are sure to have picked up a few bad habits when you moved out from your parents’ house and into your own place, but it’s time to try and get rid of them. You wouldn’t want to invite any woman back to a filthy house, of course, but it should be as tidy as you can make it without driving yourself nuts. There are some advantages to having a nice and orderly place to bring a woman back to, besides the obvious reasons. You Don’t Want To Trip If you have clutter on the floor, the chances are high that it is going to get in your way at some point. The last thing you want to happen is that you wind up tripping over something you thought wouldn’t be an issue. Not only will it kill the mood, it could quite possibly cause serious injury. Beyond just tripping, you don’t want your hookup to accidentally stub her toe on random objects on the floor or…

Why Watching a Boring Movie May Be Your Ticket to a Hookup

Whether you go out to a movie with your date or you have a night at home, choosing a movie that is slightly boring might be the perfect way to get things moving towards the bedroom. Nobody wants to watch a boring movie on purpose, but it may very well be worth it for you to give it a shot. There are several reasons why this might work, but firstly you should make sure that it’s not too obvious that you are trying to pick a movie that’s going to bore the both of you. You should also stay away from movies that are tearjerkers, because even if it’s boring nothing can ruin the mood like a girl crying. It’s A Good Opportunity For Making Out If the both of you are in engrossed in a movie, you’re not going to have much time to think about getting physical. You would both be too busy watching the movie to want to interrupt it with kissing, but if the movie is boring, you have a good excuse to lean over and give her a kiss. Once she realizes that she is bored with the movie as well, chances are that you can get a good make out session started. It does…

Why She Snubs Other Men and How You Can Avoid Being One of Them

Getting into the dating scene can be difficult, especially if you have been out of it for a while. One of the most nerve wracking aspects of dating is the idea of being rejected. It happens to every guy now and then, but it never gets any less unpleasant. Avoiding rejection is probably one of the main goals you have when seeking women to go out with, and there are some things you should keep in mind to avoid it as best as possible. It may sometimes seem arbitrary why women brush certain men off, but there is a method to the madness. You’re Being Too Forward If you are picking women up at bars or clubs or other crowded party areas, it’s highly likely that the woman you are trying to approach has also been approached by plenty of other men during the night. Some of the other guys may have gotten grabby with her or fed her overly blatant innuendos or pick-up lines in an attempt to get her attention. If you approach a woman and greet her with a sexually loaded compliment or a cheesy pick up line, chances are high that she is going to wind up snubbing you. She might not turn you away immediately,…


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