Why Your Jokes Are Driving Her Away Instead of Reeling Her In

When trying to pick up women, humor can be one of your greatest tools to reel her in and make her interested in you. She’s most likely used to being approached by dozen of men who are too full of themselves to crack a joke or make fun of themselves when appropriate. However, humor can just as easily backfire on you and turn what would have been a successful hookup into a disaster. You might be confused as to why your jokes are driving her away from you instead of bringing her closer to you, but there are a few possible reasons as to why.

The Jokes Are Offensive

"It is your duty to apologize if you offended her in some way"

“It is your duty to apologize if you offended her in some way”

This is usually pretty obvious, but sometimes you let a joke slip that’s slightly off-color or just outright offensive. There’s no accounting for taste, of course, but you might want to keep the more offensive jokes off the table when trying to pick up women. You should try and use your common sense to decide if she’s going to find your jokes funny or offensive, but just to be safe you should probably stay away from any jokes about women in general. The last thing you want is for her to call you sexist, because that pretty much signals the end of your chances with that particular woman, and probably any of her friends.

You’re Trying Too Hard

"Don't be too talkative"

“Don’t be too talkative”

We’ve all been there. You met a woman who is extremely hot, and you want nothing more than to spend the night with her or maybe spend a couple of nights with her if you’re really lucky. But even if she looks like she just came off the runway, you need to try and keep your cool. If you are not a stand-up comedian by day, you need to try and keep your jokes casual by night. If you try way too hard to make her laugh by rolling out jokes constantly, she’s just going to want to get away from you. Try to have a real conversation with her, using humor to bolster the conversation but not using it to prop the conversation up. The conversation should have some substance to it rather than being comprised entirely of jokes, or else you’ll look seriously desperate. Nothing will drive a woman away faster than trying too hard to get her attention. Play it cool!

You Hurt Her Feelings

You may be tempted to poke fun at the woman you’re talking to, maybe in an attempt to neg her, or maybe just because you thought she would find it funny. You have to remember that women tend to be very insecure, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and stay away from any jokes that are at her expense. You can still tease her, but stay far away from making a huge joke out of something about her and focusing entirely on it. You want her to feel special, not humiliated. If you embarrass her or hurt her feelings, there’s no recovering from that.


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