Why Your Conversations Are Coming to Awkward Ends

"Seems like they don't have anything to talk about"

“Seems like they don’t have anything to talk about”

Maintaining a conversation with a woman at a bar or a club can be a serious hassle, especially if you’re a bit out of practice with small talk topics. Awkward pauses can kill a conversation more quickly than you can imagine, and if your conversation ends on an awkward note, you can bet that you’re not getting her number at the end of it all. It’s in your best interest to be able to keep a conversation going until it reaches a natural conclusion so that you can get her number or get her to go back to your place, depending on what it is that you’re aiming for. To do this, you need to understand why your conversations with women might be coming to unfortunate ends.

You’re Expecting Her to Carry the Conversation

If you approach a woman, you should be the one initiating and leading the conversation. It’s a pain, but it’s the way things are. If you walk up to a girl in a bar and spend more time listening to what she has to say than you try to guide the conversation, things are going to fall short pretty quickly. You need to make sure you have a few things to say to her as conversation topics so you can keep the talk flowing. If you walk up to a woman with nothing in mind to say to her, the conversation is going to fail quickly. You can’t depend on her to have things to talk about with you – you need to be the one to provide that. If you have trouble making up conversational topics on the fly, consider coming up with a short mental list of things to talk about before you go out. Just don’t write them down on a napkin and consult it in the middle of conversation.

You’re Being Too Shy or Awkward

"Awkwardness can kill a date"

“Awkwardness can kill a date”

If you are unused to talking to women, this can be difficult to avoid. Sometimes it seems like women can sense fear. If she makes you nervous, she’s bound to realize it. If you feel awkward approaching women, she can probably tell. You need to try and calm your nerves and settle yourself down as much as possible before you decide to approach a woman. If you act like she’s the first woman you have talked to in ages, she will probably want to move on and find a guy who’s going to behave more confidently around her.

You’re Bringing Up Uncomfortable Topics

One extremely fast way to kill a conversation is to bring up topics that are inappropriate for the setting. You should probably avoid asking her about personal topics like her appearance or weight, since that would be unwelcome in most settings. Staying away from talking about her family and job might also be a good idea if she seems uncomfortable sharing too much personal information. As long as you keep things light and casual, she should have no reason to end the conversation on a sour note.


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