Why You Should Keep Your Home Well-Stocked With Toys

"Go for some sex toys shopping"

“Go for some sex toys shopping”

You may have never considered buying sex toys that you have no personal interest in using, like vibrators, dildos, or nipple clamps, but you might want to give it due consideration when you start inviting more and more women to your house to have one-night stands or short flings with. You may not wind up using any of them if you only have a woman back to your place for one night, but if you have a more dedicated woman you have sex with frequently, it could be a good idea to have certain toys on hand. You need to remember to use condoms if you use a toy that’s going to go anywhere near the inside of her body, and clean them afterwards so things stay sterile. Even though it might be a little bit of a hassle to keep things in order, it can offer some serious benefits to your sex life.

It Allows You to Get Kinky

Toys are probably not a typical part of your normal sex life, which is why having some things on hand in your bedroom can make things much more exciting. It can be something as simple as a small vibrator to help your woman get off, or it could be something kinkier like handcuffs or nipple clamps. Whatever you wind up with, it can be an easy way to make a one night stand a little bit more interesting than usual. You can try to experiment with bondage if handcuffs and paddles are more your style, or you can stick more towards the vanilla side of the spectrum and keep things simple.

It Can Keep a Girl Coming Back to You

"Sex toys will add to her pleasure"

“Sex toys will add to her pleasure”

Chances are good that the woman you’re picking up to have casual sex with is used to having men that just want to have typical vanilla sex and then move on without paying much attention to what she might like. However, if you have toys on hand and show you’re willing to try more or less whatever she wants, this can be a huge step in getting a woman to come back to you instead of seeking out other men. You are offering her excitement and something new, so of course she’s going to want to come back to you instead of bothering with boring guys.

It Can Be a Learning Experience

You might wind up buying toys that you have never personally used on anyone, but you might be surprised by what you wind up enjoying. You should try to stretch a little bit out of your comfort zone and pick up some things you might not be entirely sure about. You never know what a girl might ask you to do with some of the toys you pick up, and you may just find out something that you never thought you would enjoy. Of course, if something completely freaks you out, it’s probably better to leave it on the store shelf and move along quietly.


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