Why You Should Go Down on Her

"Go down on her"

“Go down on her”

There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to go down on the woman you’re seeing, but you need to man up and go for it. A lot of relationships end up failing because the woman is willing to do oral but the man is not, and you want to make sure she stays with you for the long term. It might not be your favorite thing to do and it might not taste the best, but here are just a few of the many reasons why you should go ahead and eat her out anyway.

It’s Polite

If she’s willing to go down on you, then you should be willing to reciprocate. It’s just common courtesy, honestly, and she’ll appreciate it if you do. To really get her going, beat her to the punch and go down on her first. Believe it or not, foreplay is really where women get most of their pleasure. A lot of women don’t get much pleasure from penetration alone, so during foreplay it’s your job to get her so aroused that she gets off no matter what. Her giving you a blowjob before sex is honestly just her being nice, because you’re going to get off either way. Drive her completely crazy during foreplay next time by going down at her and paying special attention to her clit – you’re almost guaranteed to get her to climax before you even get inside her, making her more sensitive when you actually start in with the sex.

It’s Incentive

"Make her moan"

“Make her moan”

Well, since we discussed it being common courtesy, we should mention that it works the other way around. If you take initiative and go down on her before she has the chance to get at you, then she’s going to feel compelled to go down on you to show her appreciation. This is a great idea if she’s hesitant to give you oral, so be sure to keep it at the front of your mind. I mean, don’t make a conscious effort to make her feel guilty for not sucking you off, but make sure that she knows you want her to. Women can take a hint, so just laying back a bit and showing off should be all the cue she needs to get down there and start taking care of you.

It keeps Her Coming Back

Just so you know, the sex probably isn’t enough to keep her coming back. Women are easily displeased and really tough to pleasure, so it’s likely that the sex alone won’t keep her around. Being a gentleman and pleasuring her with your mouth will give her more incentive to keep coming back to your bed again and again, which is good news for you. It can also help you have sex more regularly, because she’ll know that if you two do that then she’s going to get oral. It’s also a good idea to surprise her with it sometimes to keep her really interested and unable to get enough. Frankly, there are way more reasons to do it than not to.


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