Why You Should Cook For Her

"She will simply love you if you cook for her"

“She will simply love you if you cook for her”

The easy go-to date idea is to take her out to a really nice dinner, which can do a lot more than break your wallet – it could end up breaking her interest, too. This goes against everything you’ve been taught, but believe it or not a lot of women start to feel uncomfortable if they get taken out all the time. Most of them don’t want to spend all your money, and it also leads to them feeling obligated to put out, which is an uncomfortable feeling. Save her from feeling awkward and from having another boring date by cooking at home for her instead.


For one thing, she’ll be blown away by what a sweet, caring guy you are. Ladies can’t resist a sensitive man, and that’s exactly what you’ll seem like when you cook for her. It also shows her that you’re willing to take care of her instead of just leaving her to dote on you. The days of women serving men all the time are over, and you need to step up and show her that you view her as your equal and not below you. Cooking for her also shows an aptitude for household activities, which is always desirable for every woman, especially a working one. No woman wants to be saddled with a guy who can’t even cook for himself if she’s busy or tired.

You Can Choose Ingredients

"Choose a recipe that is easy to cook"

“Choose a recipe that is easy to cook”

This is an especially good reason if either of you have allergies. Cooking at home means that you can cut out nuts, dairy, gluten, and any other things that either or you can’t ingest. It’s also a great time to use your culinary prowess to turn her on. Sure she’ll be interested enough with you cooking in the first place, but putting some aphrodisiacs in her food can’t hurt either. No, we don’t mean that you should drug her – there are plenty of natural ingredients that get her in the mood while still letting her consent to sleeping with you. Chocolate is always a good bet, and healthier foods like pomegranate seeds, avocadoes, and asparagus. If she’s on a diet, this isn’t going to break her and you still get what you want. These ingredients are completely inconspicuous, too, which makes it even better. Throw in some red wine and you’ll have her horny without ever suspecting a thing.

Cheaper Than Going Out

If you’re on a budget, buying your own ingredients and fixing something up yourself is much cheaper than going out and spending a ton of money on a dinner, plus the amount that you have to tip the waiter. You can easily save hundreds on food just by eating at home, and the food will be much healthier. It’s also fun to plan dinner dates with your girlfriend where you choose which food you’re going to cook and go to get the ingredients together. It’s a great bonding experience as well as a fantastic way to eat healthier and save more than a few dollars in the process.


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