What to Do If She’s Kinkier than You

"Indulge in her kinky fantasy"

“Indulge in her kinky fantasy”

Most men are dying to meet a kinky woman. They want the thrill and the exoticism. Maybe you told a woman you were into some kinky stuff thinking that it would be all edible underwear and handcuffs, and then you found out she was into some more hardcore things you weren’t comfortable with. What do you do now that you’ve got a great, hot, too kinky woman on your hands?

Is Her Fetish Something You’re Not Comfortable Even Exploring?

Before you put out a blanket rejection on her kinks, you should take some time to think about it. A lot of things might sound strange at first, but if you keep thinking about it you might be willing to give it a try. If it’s not something that totally disgusts you what’s the harm in trying it? You’ll make her happy (and grateful) and it’s not that big a sacrifice for you.

Try looking at porn of the fetish that she has. If you can get off to it over the internet, you might be able to enjoy it in real life. If you can find some aspect you enjoy to focus on even an outlandish fetish might not seem so strange. Experimentation is how you keep your sex life fresh.

Role Play the Beginning Stages

For an example, let’s say you’re hooking up with a feeder. She’s into feederism, aka fat people getting fatter. That might not be your thing, and you might have 0% interest in gaining weight for her. But it’s a pretty harmless fetish in small doses. You can talk it out with her and maybe set up a scene where you eat a sandwich before sex and you both talk about how “fat” that’s going to make you. It’ll give her a little bit of satisfaction and will show that even though you don’t share her fetish you don’t think she’s a freak because of it.

Also, if your fetishes and kinks don’t match up with hers this means that the two of you can trade off. You’ll eat a bit for her, and she’ll let you tie her up a bit. This steamy sort of give and take is a perfect way to keep the two of you happy long after vanilla couples have gotten bored of the same old sex.

Just Tell Her That It’s Not Working for You

"Tell her that you are not finding the relationship good"

“Tell her that you are not finding the relationship good”

The worst thing that you could do is tell her that you’re interested when you’re not. Maybe you don’t want to hurt her feelings. Maybe you don’t want the relationship to end. But you can’t put off the kinky stuff forever if she thinks that you’re into it. You’re just making things worse for yourself. If you’ve tried to find something good about the fetish, and you simply can’t find anything that appeals to you, just tell her that. If you’re not what she’s looking for, then you’re not what she’s looking for. There are plenty more fish in the sea.


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