Three Unique Positions She’ll Love

"She will appreciate if you try new sex positions in bed"

“She will appreciate if you try new sex positions in bed”

The key to keeping a woman coming back again and again is to give her sex she’s never even dreamed of. Okay, so you’re not the creative type. It’s okay, we’ve got your back. There are plenty of crazy positions to try out with your girlfriend that will have her in a daze and begging for more, and these are three of our personal favorites.

The Bouncy Ball

So, you know that fitness ball that your girlfriend uses for yoga or whatever? Well, there’s finally a good use for that ball. The position itself is just the basic cowgirl, but the ball gives it a twist that will have her writhing in your arms. Whereas you would normally just be sitting stationary while you two get it on, the ball allows you to bounce with her on your lap, and that means more powerful thrusts. It also allows you to change up your angle more without her weight pushing down on you too much, so it’s great for hitting her G-spot again and again while you go at her. The only thing to worry about here is balance, because it’s easy to accidentally fall over if you get going too hard. You also have to be sure to keep a tight hold on her so she doesn’t go flying while you’re thrusting away – that’s kind of a downer during sex. All in all, though, it’s a simple position that’s comfortable for both parties, which is a plus.

The Crab Walk

"Help her maintain balance as she takes this position"

“Help her maintain balance as she takes this position”

This position is a little tricky, but it’s totally worth it if you can pull it off. The key is getting everyone situated just right, and then you’ll both be in heaven. Face each other on the bed, lean back, and make sure her legs are up around your waist with her hips in between your spread legs. This lets the both of you relax back on your elbows while you go at her, and it lets you make eye contact without having to resort to the boring missionary position. Make it even better by pulling her up into a squatting position while you lay down more so she can feel you even deeper.

The Bicycle

This one is easy for both of you, and it allows for a lot of wiggle room. Have her lay down at the edge of the bed like you were doing the missionary position, but the kicker is that you’re going to stand instead of getting on top of her. You can have her wrap her legs around your waist or you could hold her thighs back while you thrust into her – either way it’ll feel great. This position lets you get deeper than the traditional missionary, and you get a great view of her tits as well as your cock sliding in and out of her. Make the sex even better for her by playing with her clit while thrusting, because this position is absolutely ideal for that and it’s sure to drive her even crazier than the position alone.


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