Three Easy Ways to Make Yourself More Appealing

Are you tired of hitting the bars every night and coming home empty-handed? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Plenty of guys suffer from this affliction, and it’s an easier fix than you would think. You don’t even have to go through plastic surgery – pretty cool, right? Don’t stress out about not getting women anymore. Just try these three simple ways to pick up the ladies, and you can thank us later.


"Keep yourself well groomed"

“Keep yourself well groomed”

Your solution might be as easy as a quick trim, if you can believe that. Women are particular about how men look, so don’t be surprised if they’ve been passing you by because of something like that. For one thing, focus on your facial hair. First off, keep in mind that the vast majority of women don’t like a man with a full beard. Since these are rarely allowed in work dress codes it makes you read to her as unemployed, so she’s not likely to be interested. Moustaches with no beard are also off-putting to women, so since it’s not the 80’s anymore you might want to either shave it off or change it into a nice goatee. Make sure your hair is well trimmed and combed before you go out, too. Women like men with their hair done nicely, and you’re much more likely to get her attention if you look as successful as you are. Oh, some cologne can’t hurt you either.


The way you present yourself is everything to a woman, and it’s really easy to screw yourself over without even saying a word if you have poor posture. Standing with your arms crossed tells her that you aren’t interested in talking, so you’re likely to get skipped in favor of a more inviting guy. When trying to get women to come over to you, be sure to make eye contact, keep your arms loosely at your side, and keep your legs spread in more of a power stance. It shows her that you’re looking to mingle and are plenty confident about yourself.


"Keep up with the latest style trends"

“Keep up with the latest style trends”

We’re not saying that you have to be a fashion icon, but a renovated wardrobe might help you out with the ladies. This means that it’s time to throw out the old flannel and ripped jeans and trade them in for some new duds instead. Go to your nearest department store and have yourself a little shopping spree to give your clothes some more flair. Women love guys in button-down shirts and vests, and if you pair that with a nice pair of denim jeans they’ll be falling over themselves to go home with you. Don’t go for huge belt buckles, either – those are considered tacky these days. Some nice shoes will help you out, too. Just consider your bar outings to be a business-casual affair and the fashion sense should all come rushing to you. It’s almost like an interview, and these women are judging you on your looks as well as your ability to make them feel better than any guy at the bar.


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