The Brunch Date and What It Means

"Taking her out for brunch looks more elegant than dinner"

“Taking her out for brunch looks more elegant than dinner”

The brunch date is a time honored tradition between courting couples that is pretty much entirely outside of a man’s experience. It’s not the kind of thing that men do. When was the last time that you and your buddy got together to eat melon balls and tiny muffins at 11am? Never. But women love it, and men love things that women love, so sooner or later you’re going to find yourself taking a woman out for Sunday brunch.

Things Are Getting Serious

The thing about brunch is that it’s almost certainly not going to end in sex. Deep breaths, try to get over your disappointment. Women just aren’t likely to go out, have a couple mimosas and then go back home for some sexy play. This is an activity that is purely romantic in nature. Not the sexy, flirty kind of romantic, either-the kind that’s more about holding hands than turning you on.

The only reason to go to brunch with a woman is if that’s the kind of thing you want with her. The relationship is moving beyond the physical and into the realms of the cuddly cute. This could be great if that’s what you’re after from her. But if she’s feeling like brunch and you’re still feeling like three shots at the bar and then home to not sleep all night, you’ve got a major problem on the horizon.

What It’s Good for

"Brunch is the best way to end a one night stand the next day"

“Brunch is the best way to end a one night stand the next day”

Brunch, huh? What is it good for? Absolutely–a lot of things, actually. Brunch is actually the perfect capper to an overnight visit. You’ve had sex, you stayed the night, and then you go to brunch as a sort of formal way of ending the date. Sleep in, roll out of bed, and hit a fancy place for a good meal and then go your separate ways. It’s a polite and tender way to end a long and sexy date. Women appreciate the little touches like this. If your woman has been feel a little less cared for than usual lately, brunch is just the thing to make it up to her.

If you want to reassure a woman you think could be having doubts about her, take her to brunch. This simple step will let her see you in a different light. Again, it’s not going to end in sex. If she thinks that’s all you’re after, a brunch is the type of low pressure date that will change her mind.

Brunch says that you care about her and what the two of you are building together. Whether or not that’s true, be sure not to over use it. Make brunch a weekly thing and it will lose its power. You want to keep it to once a month or less. You can really go to brunch any day of the week, but many fancy restaurants offer a Sunday brunch option that’s cheaper than your average meal there. Consider that as an anniversary or birthday treat for your lady.


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