The Best Way to Fool Around Outside on a Cold Day

"Colder days are more romantic"

“Colder days are more romantic”

Fooling around with your lady in public can be one of the more awesome things in life. The danger of it all makes it better somehow. Most of the time if you’re caught getting hand jobs in public you’ll be kicked out of wherever you are and a really serious warning. At the worst you’re going to get kicked out of wherever you are and into a jail cell. But when the weather gets a little bit colder then you actually will have more options. The best ways to fool around outside get a lot easier to find.

Grab a Blanket

"Wrapping a blanket can make a hand job easy in public"

“Wrapping a blanket can make a hand job easy in public”

It’s not uncommon for people to bring blankets with them when the weather drops. Scenery is just as pretty, but being there for a long time is just not smart when you’re only in a coat. Having a blanket on top of you while snuggling will make it look more romantic, too. Sit on a bench and have one of you prop the blanket up a little bit so that there’s room between your lap and the actual blanket. That way you won’t see a little bobbing motion going from the outside.

Go on a Hike

To take some of the fear of getting caught out of the play, try to do something no one else would do. When it’s cold and snowy no one is going to want to go to the beach or take a hike. The average person would never want to go do something so outdoorsy. You probably won’t want to either. But if you prepare you’ll be warm enough and have be able to have outdoor foreplay. Blankets, something to sit on, or even a car can all help keep you warmer and possibly dry while you start to get it on. Even better, heading to these places will give you a ton of privacy since no one will dare trek with you. So take advantage of that and try to get some full on outdoor sex.

Be Smart

Obviously when you’re trying something like this you’re going to want to be smart about it. Heading out in a short skirt while it’s raining will probably look really suspicious. Keep your hand movements smooth and slow so you don’t have anything to catch a passerby’s eye. As hard as it’s going to be (not your cock) you’ll both have to keep a straight face. It doesn’t matter if you’re being a magician and your blanket is completely still, raging O faces will give away the secrets beneath the sheets. Sometimes she might worry that you don’t think she’s turned on unless she makes a sound or lets you know that she’s into what you’re doing. Just be reassuring and whisper that everything is amazing. Having to be quiet really only adds another layer of sexiness to it all.

Of course, none of that second bit applies if you’re out in the middle of the woods. Just be aware that you could have someone within ear shot, so make sure the moans are soft.


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