Knowing the Right Amount of Romantic Decorations for a Sexy Night

"Decorate your bed with rose petals for the night"

“Decorate your bed with rose petals for the night”

If you’re having a woman over to your house for a night in, you might be tempted to try and decorate your place to make things more sensual or romantic, depending on how serious you are with her. Maybe you’ve read articles that say you should light candles, dim the lights, and sprinkle rose petals all over everything. Most likely, romantic decorations are not your strong suit and you may be wondering if any of that is really a good idea. There’s a thin line between a sensual environment and something that looks like it came out of a reject romance novel, so there are some things you should keep in mind.

Be Thoughtful About Mood Lighting

"Light some scented candles to enhance her mood"

“Light some scented candles to enhance her mood”

Lighting can be a major part of a romantic atmosphere, but you want to be careful about how you do it. Nothing will scream overkill like stepping into a room with enough lit candles to burn down the entire neighborhood or apartment complex. Candles are still a very good idea, especially if they are scented, but you want to keep it minimal. Leave enough candles to provide dim lighting in a room when you turn the lights off, but no more. This is the perfect amount to establish a sexy atmosphere. If you choose scented candles, make sure you are not mixing two scents that don’t go well together. You might want to use one or two candles of the same scent, then make the rest of them unscented candles to provide the proper lighting.

Play Some Music

Music is always a good idea, but you might want to skip the crooning love songs for your night in. You should generally stay away from music that will distract you or your date, and keep it playing softly in the background. Instrumental music can sometimes be better at setting the mood than your favorite sexy rap song, but just be thoughtful of your date’s music choice when making your selections. Make sure that it is fairly quiet, but still audible. Anything too loud will distract the two of you and ruin the sensual mood you’re striving for. If you go for instrumental music, try to find something that’s a good balance between modern and classic. Stay away from music that sounds like it came straight out of the porn you watched the other night, unless your date is into that.

Ditch the Rose Petals

Your date probably will not appreciate the goopy romantic decorations as much as all of the magazines you’ve read suggest. Rose petals might be cool in theory, but imagine having to clean up afterwards. Your bedroom should be a bedroom, not a florist. The two most important aspects when setting a mood are lighting, scent, and music, so anything extra is not really necessary and may even seem like overkill. If you scatter rose petals all over the bed, your date is more likely to think you are trying too hard, so just leave those for the romance novels.


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