Keeping the Balance in the Conversation: Who Should Talk More

"Participate equally in conversations to keep them interesting"

“Participate equally in conversations to keep them interesting”

Meeting women and taking them out on dates will almost always involve quite a lot of conversation as the two of you attempt to get to know each other. You’ve probably experienced the date where you wind up nodding and smiling while the woman you’re with spends the entire time talking about her cats, while you can’t get a word in edgewise. Either that, or maybe you’re the type of guy that rambles about sports while your date looks like she’s about to fall asleep. It can be difficult to find and keep a balance in conversation, but if you keep a few things in mind you should be able to keep it perfectly balanced.

Let Her Talk About Herself

When you meet a woman, most likely she is going to want to tell you about herself. If she wants to tell you all about her hobbies, her family, her pets, and her friends, you should let her do it. You may not be entirely interested in everything she has to say, but if you participate actively in her stories you can show her that you’re interested in what she has to say to you. Showing that you’re interested in her life story is one good way of getting her to become fond of you.

Don’t Be Reduced to Nodding and Smiling

It can be easy to be reduced to a passive participant in a conversation. You’ve had it happen before, whether it be with your date or an overly talkative aunt. Letting your date steamroll you into being silent while she rambles on might be fine for some women, but in general it shows that you are not interested in trying to participate in the conversation. It can be discouraging and irritating for the both of you, so make sure you keep an equal footing in the conversation no matter how hard she tries to push you out of it. Interject with some stories of your own if she mentions something that you can relate to, or try to segue into talking about yourself for a little while. As long as you keep a foothold in the conversation and participate actively, it shows your date that you will actively participate in your relationship as well.

Talk About Yourself Only Minimally

"Do not brag about yourself"

“Do not brag about yourself”

You should try to talk about as much as your date does, but you don’t want all of that talking to be about you. You should only talk about yourself a little bit, and try not to make it seem like bragging. Talk more about her and her interests and how they relate to you instead of going on and on about your own life. Give her enough details so that she will be interested by you and your life, but let her ask questions if she wants to instead of telling her your life story. Some women will do exactly this, but you should let them talk about themselves as much as they want, just so long as you don’t do the same.


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