Introducing Food into Your Sex Life and What You Should Avoid

"Strawberries are known to increase your sexual drive"

“Strawberries are known to increase your sexual drive”

Besides handcuffs and blindfolds, one of the staples of introductory kinky sex is usually food or edible objects of some variety. Adding food to your sex life can be exciting and interesting, especially if you use the right kinds of food. You might be surprised to learn that there are some kinds of food you should never use during sex. It can be difficult to know what’s safe to use and what isn’t because even food items that seem harmless can actually pose a serious problem to a woman’s body.

Getting Her to Agree To It

Some women might find the idea of introducing food into her sex life to be completely bizarre, but if you persuade her in just the right way you should be able to get her to come around and eventually even like the idea. One of the most common things used during sex is chocolate sauce or something similar. You can start simple and get her used to the idea – she’ll have little reason to complain, since you will most likely be licking and sucking the sauce off of her body. As long as you make sure she’s enjoying it, you can gradually introduce her to more and more unique food items to use during sex. The promise of having a shower together afterwards may sweeten the deal for her.

The Logistics

First of all, things are bound to get messy when food is involved. You should definitely have a towel down if you’re going to be experimenting on the bed or anywhere you don’t want getting dirty, especially if you’re going to be using sauces. If you’re sticking anything in her, make sure it’s clean and washed beforehand. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t use it on her. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are inserting anything into your dates – cucumbers make good home-made dildos – you should make sure to put a condom on it. Just like with normal sex toys, everything that’s going into something should have a condom on it to keep things safe.

What You Should Avoid

"Lick that chocolate sauce off her body"

“Lick that chocolate sauce off her body”

Using chocolate sauce straight out of the grocery store is actually not a good idea, and the same goes for anything sugary. Most sex stores have chocolate sauces and spreads that are specifically for use on the body. The reason for this is that the sugar can irritate the vagina, and there’s no better way to turn your date off to the idea of using food in sex forever. If you have no specialty chocolate sauce it should still be fine as long as you keep it above the waistline. Whipped cream is also usually safe, though you may want to look for specialty cream in the sex store just to be safe. You should also avoid anything that would sting if it got into her eyes or any open cuts, like hot sauce. Besides, do you really want to be licking hot sauce off of her body?


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