How to Tell What She Wants to Hear

"She wants you to approach her"

“She wants you to approach her”

Following her cues when you’re on a date can be tricky. You want to say the right thing, and no matter what she says there is definitely a right thing. If you know how to read her body language and cues, you’ll be able to tell her exactly what she wants to hear when she wants to hear it. Boost your chances of going home with her tonight by looking for these tells.

She Keeps Tugging at Her Dress

She wants you to notice that she’s got a great figure. Check and check. But besides that, it’s a not very subtle tell that she put this outfit on specially and she’d like it if you’d notice it. Compliment her fashion sense. You can do this with your eyes, so long as you don’t stare. If she catches you looking after she rearranges her dress for the third time, she’ll know that you’re paying attention.

A verbal compliment is just the icing on the cake, but it should be included. Don’t know what to say? “You look really put together tonight.” What does it mean? Who knows? But women love to hear it, so include it at every opportunity.

She’s Refreshed Her Makeup Twice Already

"Women are very particular about their make-up"

“Women are very particular about their make-up”

If she keeps updating her makeup, there are two options. Either she can’t stand you and wants to get away on any excuse, or she wants you to think she’s gorgeous. It’s pretty obvious when she can’t stand you. That leaves wanting you to be impressed. A few generic comments of how great she looks is good. Let your gaze linger on her lips if she keeps freshening her lipstick.

This is also a major sign that she wants you. If she keeps coming back with the freshest makeup, she wants you to make a move. Up your game if the lady keeps up hers. This is hardcore flirting.

She Keeps Making Obscure References

This might be perplexing, but it’s got a simple motivation. She wants you to think that she’s smart. Just compliment her. Say that most of the women you go out with wouldn’t have made that connection. Flatter her intellect, because that’s what she’s using to stand out from the rest. Point out what an enlightened woman she is. It might even up your chances of getting to go home with her that night. Enlightened women aren’t beholden to demurely saying “no.”

If she’s making references to things you like, you know that she’s working really hard to impress you. Whether you’re into sports or a particular book series that she keeps bringing up you know that’s you’ve all but got a sure thing in the bag. She’s trying hard to get you to like her. A desperate woman on your hands means that you can relax; you don’t need to woo her, she already wants you.

You know when she’s dying for you to say something. Now, with these tells up your sleeve, you might actually be able to work out what that is. Follow her cues to a better dating and sex life.


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