Accessories You Can Wear Without Looking Feminine

A lot of guys get concerned when it comes to making a good impression during their naughty dating scenarios. This can be something as silly as worrying about whether or not an accessory is feminine or not, and while we’ve been there, there are a few things that you can always wear without a woman thinking that you’re especially girly that night. Keep these sorts of things in mind, and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. That being said, what constitutes feminine, anyway? If you can work it, go for it, but seriously, these are the things that you can wear without anyone batting an eye.


"A hoop earring worn on one side looks good on men"

“A hoop earring worn on one side looks good on men”

Admittedly, having two hoop earrings in both ears are really going to make some eyebrows raise. It’s all a matter of the type of earring, of course, as well as how many that you have hanging out in each ear. If you can figure out what really works for your particular style, you probably won’t have many problems with this sort of thing. You’re just going to have to figure out what works for you, and what you feel comfortable in.

For a lot of guys, it’s just a matter of wearing a single earring. If that works for you, then go for it. If you want to cover one ear in earrings, then that’s fine, too. Whatever the case may be, you can make this work.


"Go for a good watch as they define your masculinity"

“Go for a good watch as they define your masculinity”

Watches are characteristically masculine and that’s a fact. You can always get away with wearing a watch to your hookup and no one is going to even glance at you twice for it. If they do look at you twice, then that’s just pretty weird. So, wear that Rolex and be proud about it. If anything, watches are insanely hyper-masculine, and they’re often something that a lot of dudes really want to have on their arms. Keep that in mind, and really don’t hesitate to wear them out in public.


Certain rings are really quite masculine. Obviously, a ring with a cupcake on it isn’t going to make a lot of ladies think that you’re a symbol of virility, but you can really work most rings, especially if they’re solid gold or silver bands. These are the kinds of things that a lot of ladies really expect to see on men, but make sure that you aren’t going to wear it on your wedding ring finger. It just gets weird if you do, trust us.

Certain Necklaces

If you’ve got bling, then why not wear it? We’re not telling you to drape yourself in beads and crosses and gold chains, but certain necklaces are still very masculine without making you look like a douche bag. A lot of guys can really pull them off, especially if they have some kind of significant meaning that can spark up an interesting conversation. If you want to work a necklace, then go for it, and you’ll probably end up reeling a woman in by telling her the meaning of it, anyway.


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